• Athletes Are Roll Models

    Role models are important not only for our youth, but for the general population. Pro athletes are probably among the most important role models. Young people emulate what they see in adults and when they see athletes drinking and driving, committing illegal acts, and other actions which reflect negatively, these kids think it is okay for them to act the same way.

  • Pro Atheletes Should be Role Models

    Yes, pro atheletes should be role models as they are in the public eye and spotlight. Many children see these atheletes day in and day out, and so these atheletes remain in the public eye. As such, a child is easily influenced by a pro athelete and thus these atheletes should be role models.

  • Vince Carter my hero

    I believe pro athletes should be role models. However, I do believe they should clean up their act. Kids these days are all about sports and they follow their favorite player unto adult hood. I don't believe all athletes are role models however ones who have their head on straight are such as Larry Fitzgareld and Andrew Luck. They finished college after going pro and do alot of charity work.

  • No they shouldn't

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  • No they should not

    They are payed for what they do and they only want to improve there level of play and not there level of helping other people,they make it less of a job and more of a lifestyle.That is why i think that professional athletes should not be viewed as role models

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