• They should get paid!!!

    They should get paid because what happens if they have a family and how are they support that family like some people just have a little to get food they can control their money by spending it likely for their family members!! So if their family is short they could give them a little money to help them out!!

  • They should be paid according to their performance

    Yes and no. I believe that pro athletes should be paid according to the quality of work that they deliver. If a player is a bench rider, then he or she should be paid as a bench warmer; which would be considerable less then a player that played the sport on a more regular basis.

  • What people are willing to pay athletes is what they should be paid.

    A great athlete can bring enthusiasm to a sports team, increase attenedance at games and encourage tourism to an area. If a team manager wants to pay them more, and they are willing to work for that amount, why is it anyone else's business whether or not they are paid that amount?

  • Yes, I think pro athelets should get more pay.

    I think a pro athlete is paid fairly and perhaps a bit underpayed, the amount of money advertisers and team owners make off of the athlete is absolutely massive and I think the athlete has the right to be entitled to a porition of the money that his talents generate.

  • Thin end of the wedge

    Most pro athletes get paid peanuts - just the same as in most professions - it is only the lucky few 'elite' players who earn a fortune. The reason why they do comes down to basic market forces - supply and demand: there is a demand for the entertainment they supply; if people didn't watch, they wouldn't get paid, simples. Ergo, if you don't like it, vote with your feet and don't watch!

  • Athletes are payed too much!

    300 mill is way too much for Floyd may weather. That is about 100 times more than the doctors and teachers. Athletes are just a little bit of entertainment, but we actually need teachers and doctors. Sports players are payed for having fun, when the rest of us are stressing out over work for much less money.

  • I certainly hope not.

    Pro athletes provide nothing whatsoever. The teachers that inform the new generation are on a Cup of Noodles every night paycheck. The surgeons that keep us healthy are payed less than them. I don't understand this whatsoever. How can you believe it fair to pay some fool to hit a baseball with a wood club more than the people who educate your children?

  • What do sports players even do for us?

    When I get a check up it's a doctor that checks me. When I can walk the streets safely it's thanks to the soldiers protecting the borders. When I have a steak and a salad I thank the farmers for the food. When I walk into a building without it collapsing on me I can thank the construction workers, when I can drink clean water I can thank the biochemists.

    What do I thank sports players for? Throwing the economic balance out of control? They already get paid way too much for what they do which isn't even anything.

  • Less pay for the pros.

    Pro athletes should not get more pay. They should earn less. Our country puts too much emphasis on competitive sports. Encouraging this kind of competition through showing an eggagerated paycheck of a few puts inrealistic expectations on young people interested in sports. It diverts them from more imprtant endeavors, like the likely profitable careers they could have if they invest in themselves wisely.

  • Less pay please

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  • They get paid for throwing a ball

    Athletes get paid too much just to throw a ball. You have doctors who are on call and trying desperately to save peoples lives while living on a substantially lower paycheck than ball throwers. Another example are police officers who patrol the streets to keep us safe, For what? 42K a year? Athletes do not do anything for us, So why should we pay them more instead of productive individuals who are of use?

  • Why athletes should be paid more money

    Sports athletes don't do anything physically to us but they do mentality and the entertain us with the sport we love and because if they don't get paid more they won't be able to support there family that needs money to buy stuff and stay alive that's why athletes should be paid more.

  • Pro athletes should not get paid more

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