Should pro basketball players get what they earn?

  • Basketball players work hard for their money.

    I believe that pro basketball players deserve to get what
    they earn. Basketball is a very popular
    sport. It is very difficult and it takes
    a very skilled player to be successful at a professional level. Pro basketball players have to dedicate their
    lives in order to master their craft.
    They should be paid for their sacrifice.

  • Pro basketball players earn what they do for a reason.

    Pro athletes earn what they do for good reason: they put their body on the line for the sake of the game and for the sake of the fans. It's likely that, at some point, they'll have to pay medical bills - either from new injuries or from the after-effects of old ones - and health-care is not cheap. Shouldn't these men, these modern day warriors and Olympians of entertainment, be compensated for the good they do? For what they do - capturing the hearts of millions and raising them high on waves of excitement - is indeed good. It helps not only the economy, but also raises morale and provides a common interest between people of various kinds. In addition, a lot of these athletes contribute back to society with the money they earn by funding non-profits and American businesses alike.

  • They shouldn't be paid

    It's for the love of the game not just to get paid. Some players dont really know how to play the game they just want the money to buy some fancy stuff and act like they are cool. They spend their money on random things and are really irresponsible. They shouldn't be paid.

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