Should pro-life pharmacists be legally required to distribute contraceptives?

  • Yes pro-life pharmacists should be legally required to distribute contraceptives.

    Yes pro-life pharmacists should be legally required to distribute contraceptives. Pharmacists are in the position of dispensing drugs that are regulated by law and otherwise unavailable if they don't distribute them. Their personal, religious or moral objections should not be allowed to interfere with the operation of law. Just like other religious conflicts in the workplace they should make arrangements with their employer to address the conflict. However they should still be legally obligated to dispensed the product.

  • YEs, if it's legal they must do their job

    The government makes the laws for society and if someone wants to practice a trade under the system in which they live, they must do the job regardless of personal opinion. If a pharmacist disagrees with opiate painkillers, can he simply refuse to fill a doctor-order prescription for a person?

  • another argument I do not get

    Is anyone really pro death? People are pro choice or pro life. No one likes the thought of killing. At least, sane people don't. If people are really so against abortion, especially the pro life people. They should take pleasure in giving out contraception. This way we can hold abortions to an all time low. Common sense people.

  • Yes, they should

    I think everyone should have the right to be protected from STD;s. The implications of abortion shouldn't come into play here. There are bigger threats without wearing a condom,but those issues should be stated when they give the contraceptives to the masses. I think children shouldn't even be part of that equation.

  • The doctors need a choice

    Pro life pharmacists should not be requires to distributes contraceptives because that does not allow the doctors to practice their religion they way they want to. The doctors should not lose their choice of how they believe they should practice medicine just because the state wants to mandate a law.

  • Pharmacists reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

    Pro-life pharmacists are protected under the law should they refuse to distribute contraceptives. As long as they can prove it wasn't arbitrary, they can stonewall the dumb kids long enough for them to think of the possibilities of long-term consequences.
    There is a very useful contraceptive, used the world over. It's called abstinence. But don't worry! There's something that's always there for you...
    Take a very good look at your right hand.

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