Should pro sports leagues implement stricter codes of conduct?

  • Yes, I believe pro sports leagues should have stricter codes of conduct.

    Yes, I believe pro sports leagues should have stricter codes of conduct. It is ridiculous how much a pro sports athlete can get away with. For example, if I were to be caught doing drugs, I would be fired right away. A pro sports athlete would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a fine.

  • Yes, conduct rules should be strict in sports.

    Sports teams should take bad actions on the part of their players seriously. Too often they are overly lenient, probably because sports is about making money, and they're more interested in their players playing well than having good attitudes. Kids look up to sports players more than they do people like the President, which makes it even more important that they behave with proper conduct and good sportsmanship.

  • Pro sports leagues should implement stricter codes of conduct.

    Professional sports organizations should implement stricter codes of conduct in order to prevent the use of performance enhancing drugs. In the wake of current doping scandals, it s necessary for athletes to be held to a higher standard. Considering how much money they make, it is only fair to demand that athletes not cheat.

  • Yes

    First off, these people make way too much money for no reason. Let alone that fact, they can basically do whatever they want, and their only punishment? They don't get to play for a few games. Boo hoo. They are already paid, what do they care? Stricter codes of conduct need to be put in place to keep these people in check.

  • Yes, because of their status

    Whether these people want to be or not, they are role models for people young and old alike. If they are off doing things that they clearly should not be doing, then they will put out bad images for those people who look up to them. They accepted this responsibility when they accepted the job itself.

  • Yes, some of the behavior is off the charts.

    While you would like to think that adults don't need to be told how to behave, that is clearly not the case with many professional athletes. Stricter codes of conduct might keep some of the more unruly players in line, and would make it easier to get rid of the ones that are consistent problems.

  • No they should not.

    Pro sports leagues do not need to implement stricter codes of conduct, they already have very strict rules and the players should be allowed to relax every once in a while without feeling like they are going to lose their chance to play on the team or to make money.

  • They just need to start enforcing their existing codes.

    There's no real need for pro sports leagues to implement stricter codes of conduct. They can get better at firing players who don't meet the existing code of conduct, and solve the problem. Or, better yet, they can stop hiring thugs and start hiring role models again. It's that simple.

  • No, pro sports leagues should not have to implement stricter codes of conduct

    No, pro sports leagues do not need to implement stricter codes of conduct , athletes although employed or under contract with a league/team are still individuals. As with any profession, or organization, there is a standard of conduct that is implied. For instance, the NFL should not have to explicitly state no member of the NFL should drive while legally intoxicated, as there is a general understanding no one should drive while legally intoxicated. Another example,The NFL should not have to explicitly state assaulting an individual is not appropriate conduct, as no matter what organization an individual works for, such behavior is generally considered not appropriate. So, If the league and/or team an athlete is under contract with feels an athlete's conduct is not in accordance with basic appropriate conduct, the organization needs to take it up with the individual athlete. To create a code of conduct that explicitly states ideas which are implied, is kind of insulting to other athletes who have not had any issues with conduct.

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