Should processes that create radiation be stopped because of their danger to the public?

  • There are other means to do things

    There is always a solution to a problem, never thought up yet. Radiation is harmful, which is a fact. No one should fear that something is going to zap away any opportunity for them to have kids in the future. The governments are responsible to keep us safe from all enemies, including harmful effects from bad stuff. There is always another solution and it doesn't take much motivation to encourage some clever or genius people to devise knew ways to do things. It just takes initiative and will.

  • Shift to shorter half-life processes

    Nuclear energy was pioneered in the 50s and we have a few decent nuclear power plants that reduce trans-uranic wastes (which are the ones that last for a looooooooong time). But nearly all of the operating permits issued by the NRC are set to expire in the next decade or two. We have to have an answer to the nuclear waste problem before we issue new licenses to operate a new generation of nuclear power.

    I think we should be putting way more money into Thorium or alternative nuclear fuel cycles. The utility of nuclear energy cannot be overstated, but I think we've effectively exhausted the efficiency that we can squeeze out of pressurized water reactors utilizing uranium. Thorium is much safer, much cheaper, and their wastes only lasts about 300 years as opposed to thousands and thousands of years. We pioneered the idea back in the 60s, but funding was cut and we never looked into it again. Time to reinvest in a nuclear future.

  • No, let's create the wasteland!

    I would love this world to become Fallout Four!
    Cool, deadly animals, cool, deadly extra body parts-
    How is this debatable?
    We need to suspend it until the 80s come back around!
    By then we'll have power armor and a really cool world to destroy!
    We'll have deadly robots and stuff- it'll be so much cooler in a post-apocalyptic setting.

  • The sun makes radiation

    Everything makes radiation to some extent, the sun, bananas, reactors, everything. Radiation is nowhere near as bad as people think it is. The average person is exposed to 300 millirems of radiation a year. Living near a nuclear power plant exposed a person to an additional 0.09 millirems. Eating a banana exposes a person to 0.1 millirems.

  • No, processess that create radiation should be not stopped.

    No, while there are many severely dangerous uses for radiation, there are many helpful, controlled uses of radiation. I think it is important to be very cautious when using these processes, and avoid them if there is an alternative. While it is important to research alternative processes, at this time the technology is still vital.

  • Not all radiation-producing processes should be stopped, but some should be slowed down.

    When it comes to large-scale radiation, it would probably be a good idea to at least slow down or minimize these types of processes. However, simple processes that create radiation, such as X-Rays and similar medical procedures, clearly should not be stopped due to the benefits that they have in practice.

  • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

    Humanity has many benefits from the process that creates radiation. We have ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The non-ionizing radiation includes ultraviolet light, microwave, radio waves, etc. Can you imagine this civilization whit out microwave ovens and radio ? And, of course there is a medical benefit. Just try to imagine medicine whit out x-rays.

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