• Wow I can't believe no one thinks yes.

    what is the alternative testing products on humans. I think that would be rediculous. Now Im don't advocate animal abuse. And I don;t agree with some of the testing that has been done on animals in the past. But some products need to be tested on animals to make sure they are safe for humans. And when you think of products, remember how vague that term is. If you are talking about useless product like make-up and soda and things like that. But meds are definitely a go for me. I would like to see less testing done. And safer conditions.

  • Animals don't have soles

    God put them on this earth to binifit us and they don't have consciousness or the ability to feel emotion towards humans hell the only reason we have dogs as pets is because they would help us hunt and in exchange they got the scraps of our food and that's final

  • Should products be tested on humans instead?

    I love animals and everything, however I think that humans are more important. If we don't test on them how will we know a product is safe? Of course there are other ways of testing with our technology, but there can be mistakes. The results are not as reliable and true as testing on an animal.

  • No they should not

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  • Animals are humans

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  • It is just wrong to toucher animals

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  • Animals are living things two: Its not fair

    Just because animals can't speak for themselves, it doesn't mean scientist should be allowed to test on animals. The use of animals to test human made products is not right. Using rabbits for eye tests just because they have large eyes is wrong. Until you can feel what these animals are feeling, you will never know the effect of these things we test on them and how devastating it can be.

  • Humans are more important than animals

    Humans are more important than animals, it's safer for us to test things on animals. Well, I'm not saying I hate animals or anything, I'm just saying that it really depends on the animal, product, and how scientists test it. Animals are awesome, but some of them are overly abundant in numbers. Some are just down right gross. So, I think that they should test products on animals.

  • Read it because its true.

    We are a guest in this planet and we dont have the right to abuse animals because we are just visiting this planet. This is there home and we came messing everything up. (polutting,and destroying there forest and nature). Stop being ignorant and open your eyes and see that were are the anima, we are the ones distroying the planet. Havent you ever think we were not from this planet we came just to visit.

  • I say no!

    I'm surprised! I thought everyone would say no! Instead of spraying perfume into a rabbits eyes they should test ion criminals who have been jailed for murder or rape. They should spray perfume in their eyes and ask them if it hurts! Because what they are doing is defiantly wrong!

  • Screw you yes

    Animals have feelings too, even though they can’t show it as easily. There is also the option of computer testing which, according to PETA is “faster, more reliable, less expensive, and more humane than animal tests.” Think about it this way, would you want to have needles stuck in you and your brain operated on and then thrown back into a cage with no painkillers? I didn’t think so.

  • Think of your pet

    When I was thinking about whether or not I supported animal testing, I was pretty sure that I was against it. Then I thought of our new puppy; Watson, and put him in the situations that the PETA website was describing. I couldn't bear the thought of him in being put through this much abuse. This was more powerful than anything anybody could have written because it is personal.

  • What they do

    Do you know what they really do? I'm only 13 but i feel strongly about not being an idiot and treating animals right. There is no way i would be so selfish as to think "screw the animals, at least its doing good for me." look up animal testing pictures sometime and take a look at what a moron your being by supporting animal testing.

  • Never should it happen

    It just sucks. They love us. We love them. Why test on poor animals who can not do any thing to help them self? They have no defense so we just take advantage? That is not right. It never was and will never be right. Why do it. Say no today

  • I feel that animal testing should not be done.

    B'coz it kills a lot of animals every day. The people who test are heartless people who do not understand the pain of the animals, the animals during the test scream and yell but these people do not even try to listen to the animals voices. They do their testing very roughly and harshly and prepare the products.

  • Retarded retarded retarded

    Should scientists be allowed to test products on animals?
    I think it cruel because would you like it if something huge picked you up and put you in a cage and did tests on you. That only one problem here are more, the animals could die and it can also give them brain damage and also all they can do is sit and wait for pain it’s so sad. These animals are being tested with toxins and household cleaners like new versions of Windex or toilet cleaners scientists do it for liability and safety so people won’t get brain damage but what they don’t realize is that there hurting animals killing them there’s even e test specifically to see if it comes in contact with the eyes if they will permanently go blind or semi-permanently go blind or if there okay.

  • We aren't animals

    We aren't animals and animals aren't humans. That's all I got to say. Its just an excuse for companies to "make" there products sound better. Like if a costumer experiences any issues in court that company will just use that animal testing as an excuse to not make them sound bad

  • Why should the products be tested on the animals , when there not the ones wanting to where it ?

    If humans are the ones who are wanting to where the products , why don't they test it on the humans? Animals have rights just like everybody else, the only difference is they can't speak up for them selves. So we the humans who think that testing it on the animals are wrong will stand up to this and speak for the animals .

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XxturnipsxX says2016-03-11T01:30:43.720
If humans wouldn't like being tested on, then would animals like it? No? I didn't think so. Animals are always in cages. Humans are not, unless they are in jail, which they deserve to be in sometimes. Would animals like needles in their brain? No. Do they get painkillers? Nu uh. Think of them, too. And just because they have feelings, you think that it's okay to test it on them? If the medication is for us, test it on humans, not on innocent animals who this medication won't even affect them if it succeeds the testing. I mean what the heck, i'm surprised so many people don't think this way. Test the darn thing on criminals, not on poor animals who have claimed this planet first. Humans are greedy and selfish. If you say, "oh, would you rather a human die?" Yes. We don't deserve this friendly no-test treatment after everything bad we've done. We've done good too, but a lot bad. If you say, "Oh, they feel less pain!" Wrong. So wrong. If you say, "Oh, humans are more important!" Then there is something wrong with you. We are not. We are all the same. If bugs died, the earth would die. If humans died, then the earth would thrive. We are selfish and cruel. We are nasty and greedy. We just came onto this planet claiming it ours just by our presence, slaying animals, cutting down forests, polluting the land and water. Animals have feelings too you're right. All the better for them to NOT be tested on or abused. I've think that i've made my point here.