Should professional athletes be held to a higher standard of behavior due to their high-profile status?

  • Behavior has something to do with their impression to other people. Especially athletes who have higher standard would affect their future.

    First, behavior sometimes makes people greatly sad.If I saw athletes and they behaved rudely in public, I would disillusion because I would be supporting them.
    Second, rude behavior affects someone's future. For example, talking quietly in public, giving up seat for the elderly: these are, of course good manner. However if athletes didn't do those and the fans saw them, they would give bad impression and have to retire by chance. They must not throw away their future with rude behavior.
    Third, behavior is important in the game, which means they have to follow the rule. Sometimes I see players breaking the rule. It can be stopped by umpire. However if players played the game without being realized by empire, I would hate the team.
    Achieved people definitely represent something important. Behavior which makes it meaningless shouldn't be allowed. I like sports. Therefore I would like athlete to behave accordingly.

  • Professional athletes should have higher standards

    Professional athletes are representing professional organizations, and this alone makes their behavior highly important. Since they are also held in the public eye so much, much more than the average person, I believe this means they should have a higher standard of behavior. They are automatic role models and their behavior truly influences that of children and others.

  • Stop promoting professional athletes as role models

    Professional athletes are overpromoted. All they do is move a ball around. Why base your behavior off of that? The more people promote that professional athletes be held to higher standards for being "role models" the more we are normatizing their position as role models and encouraging people to continue role modeling off of them. Instead we should be discouraging the role modeling of professional athletes.

  • No, professional athlete's should not be held to a higher standard of behavior.

    This argument doesn't make sense. An athlete is paid to play a sport. He (or she) has no extra obligation to be held to a higher standard of behavior. This is not to say that they should be bad role models either. They should simply be held to the same standard as everyone else.

  • No, professional athletes do not have to be poster children for good behavior.

    No, it should not be a requirement for professional athletes to have to behave any better or worse than workers in any other field. While it is hoped that athletes would not do things to disgrace their sport, especially since they are in the public eye, it should not be a factor in their continued employment. They are being paid for their athletic abilities, not necessarily their proper behavior.

  • I disagree that professional athletes should be held to a higher standard

    Professional athletes have higher profiles than that of the an average person. Professional athletes are also very inspirational and motivational to many other people, but that doesn't mean they should be held to a higher standard. Everyone should be held to a high standard because even though professional athletes may be more known socially, they are still people just like everyone else.

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