Should professional athletes be paid as much as they are?

  • No paid too much

    Athletes are paid way too much. They are among the highest paid people in the world and it is getting out of hand. Every year there are larger and larger contracts for doing the same thing that did before. Too many people are struggling to warrant hundred million contracts which leads to larger ticket prices.

  • Why the hell not?

    These guys make a ton of money for doing a job that brings in what? A ton of money! Why complain about how much money they make? What about rappers who don't even write their own lyrics or beats? They do nothing except for rap through their blunt. Of course, they're all mostly black, so discriminating any of them is racist, and I hate racism.

  • Fans and Sponsors

    Athletes get paid that much due to fans who are willing to pay millions a year on tickets and food, then you have the sponsors who pay millions if not billions more to get their name out their on teams stadiums and at half time shows or commercials. Unlike the government who rely on tax payers money to fund everything. If they allowed sponsors to have their named plastered on planes, tanks, fire trucks and police cruisers then maybe our public servants would get paid much more.

  • They should not get paid as much.

    Do they risk there lives no so they should not get paid that much it is so retarded. The ferd and princess have to have the time for a normal day to go through he he jimmy it I never had to do the right things and I never knew it was really important.

  • Screw them the soldiers should get paid more

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  • They should get paid that much

    Because they have to work to. Its not like they just get paid for nothing. They never get breaks and if they do over the break all they do is train, workout, or practice with the team. So that's why I think they should get paid as much as they do.

  • Yes, they do deserve that much money.

    Athletes deserve that much money because they get one third of the kit sales only. And because poverty would increase. Think about it, the majority of the soccer player / footballers were born in a difficult and poor situation / environment. These soccer players were really stupid in school and they're dream was to become a soccer player. He worked and practiced to his aim which he then became his dream.

  • Professional Athletes Deserve Their Pay

    Professional athletes are sometimes paid millions of dollars, and they deserve every penny. These giant contracts handed to athletes are dictated by the state of the sport they play in. When team owners make huge TV deals and pull in revenue, they're easily able to hand a lot of money to professional athletes.

  • Professional athletes should be paid as much as they are.

    Professional athletes should be paid as much as they are. They are always getting injured and putting their lives at risk for the sake of the game. I think they should continue to get paid as much as they are because we continue to enjoy watching them play the game.

  • Is the Price Right?

    No because doctors, teachers, the president of the united states is not even paid half as much as the lowest paid pro athlete. Why cannot the money or some of what they get paid go to where the majority of the athletes's originated from? College and high school athletic education.

  • Why should we?

    We do that, people don't take steroids. Win-Win.

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  • No, they are paid way too much.

    They're barely doing anything, and are getting piles of money each hour. What about the economy, ever thought about us? They're taking the money, and are making no use of it. Other people would make good use of the money. For example, they could use it for a business. They are paid too much.

  • What about others?

    What about the professional dancers? The actors? And the coaches and choreographers? Don't they get all this money too? They are either entertaining, or they are teaching the entertainers! It is not fair to them, because they are struggling. And I am not even going to MENTION the important people like teachers!

  • No,professional athletes should not be paid as much as they are.

    No,professional athletes should not be paid as much as they are.This sets a bad example for young fans that suggests that in order to be rewarded in life you have to have a skill and hard work is really irrevelant when it comes to achieving success in life and collecting a decent paycheck.

  • Some Salaries Are Inflated

    I believe that some professional athletes are overpaid. I think many of the leagues have their athletes wages over inflated to the point that the fans can no longer afford to enjoy the games in person. This is unfortunate. I think it is important to pay athletes a fair wage, since many risk injury, but it could be reduced from its current level.

  • Because it should

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  • Pro-athletes are way overpaid

    Athletes demand money to keep playing, while others who have necessary jobs like farmers and doctors are being paid minimum wage. We should cut down all the salaries and if athletes don’t play, they don’t play, nothing else to it. No coach would do it though, because they don’t want to risk losing their best players. There are millions of people who work twice as hard as athletes and get less than an eighth of an athletes salary. There are soldiers who are risking and sometimes losing their lives while athletes play a game.

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