• Banning child performers

    Could be successful for professional child performers in regulated industries but it would be much more difficult to prevent child performers on a small scale. It will also be very difficult to get a balance between allowing children to develop in their chosen profession or sport while preventing them from actually engaging in any performance that displays that talent.

  • What the f*** are we turning our children into!!!

    I'll probably understand why children performers have their right in the entertainment business but they just crossed the line with it. Every day more and more child actors are being put in inappropriate videos and rated R movies that are way to intense and inappropriate for their age. An example is the movie kick ass. Chole Martez was way too young for that movie. Next thing you know they will be 15 year old pornstars if they are not already

  • No,professional child performers should not be banned.

    It is pretty much common sense that professional child performers could not and should not ever be banned.Some of these performers come from poor backgrounds and if they are handled correctly they can provide a good income for their struggling families and still get the good education they deserve to have.

  • No, children should be allowed to be in the entertainment industry.

    While this is a very difficult question, we must remember that children have been in the entertainment industry for many years, and that what happens to them need not be negative. One that can be pointed to as an excellent example is Shirley Temple. She ended up becoming a rather normal adult, and later became a politician. However, there should be plenty of laws in place (as there are some, such as working hours) to protect the child. Among these, there should be rules about what parents are allowed to do with the money that the child earns.

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