Should professional sporting leagues such as the NHL and NFL accept female players in the interest of advancing women's rights?

  • Yes they should

    I am only 13 years old, but I do believe that the NHL and NFL should indeed accept more females. Women do in fact perform at the same level if not a higher level than male athletes. As for physical size women can handle a lot more than you would expect, and I don't understand why people are so concerned about a woman's health in sports when the same people find it perfectly fine for men to risk their health in a sport. If a woman decides to put herself into that situation that's her choice, NOT yours.

  • There should be a league made for females

    I believe that the NHL, NFL and other professional sport leagues should not be forced to accept females into their leagues, for two reasons 1. Females are not physically equal or better than their male counterparts, so in the event that a men gets into a fight with a female. People will accuse the men for "raping" the female which will lead to the end of all sport leagues not only in the US, but worldwide. 2. They can just make a female version of those leagues

  • No: The NHL and NFL Should Not Accept Female Players

    The fascination people have for sports today, over issues that actually matter, is appalling. That being said, by accepting female players, who general do not perform at the level of male athletes, and probably could not handle the physical size of men on the football field, would likely only backfire on advocates for women's rights. Men would see such a move to be an invasion of their "boy's club" and there would be no end in the kind of base level discussions that would ensue.

  • The NHL and NFL should not accept female players in the interest of advancing women's rights.

    The NHL and NFL should not accept female players in the interest of advancing women's rights. The NHL and the NFL are in the business of winning. If there is a female that can play at the same level that a man can play, she should have that opportunity. If she cannot play as well as a man, these leagues have no obligation to accept female players to advance women's rights.

  • Interacting Sport with Politic. Yes, or No.

    I don't think considering a sport to move a political activity would be a good idea. Women's right in society is a political aspect, it is about women's contribution, their thoughts on society level and their cooperation in job, economy, and politics. This is about their visible effort American society to move forward. That is true that sport can be another aspect of their participation but it is more like a different version of activity.

  • No, the NHL and the NFL should not have to accept female players

    The NFL and the NHL are set up as men's sports. They do not currently have the facilities that would make it feasible to have men and women on the same team. Also, the sports are very violent sports that would make it dangerous for most women to participate in alongside men. Most men are larger and more muscular than most women, that's just how the bodies are. For sports like football where there are so many extremely large men, it would be unsafe to put women on the field and expect them to take the same punishment that the men take. Sometimes it's not even safe for the men! Women can participate in some sports with or against men, but football and hockey don't seem like good ones to try as co-ed sports.

  • Professional Sporting leagues should not accept female players in the interest of women's rights

    I firmly oppose the notion that female players should be accepted into professional sporting leagues such as the NFL or NHL in the interest of advancing women's rights. I do not believe that excluding women from these leagues is in opposition to women's rights, and that professional female sporting leagues are the proper way to address women's equality in professional sports.

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