Should professional sports players be frequently tested for steroids?

  • Yes the should.

    There are quite a few professional sports players that choose to use steroids. So, I think that if they are tested on a routine basis this would cut down on the amount of players who use the drug. If they know that there is a good chance they won't get caught then they might not use.

  • Yes. i believe professional sports players should be frequently tested for steroids.

    Yes. I believe professional sports players should be frequently tested for steroids, because the history of professional sports is littered with drug cheats. That fact is obviously not fair to clean athletes, and that is why there should definitely be frequent test for steroids, and other performance enhancing drugs in all sports.

  • Yes, professional sports players should be frequently tested.

    You cannot test professional sports players enough for steroids and human growth hormone. They have proven themselves to be cheaters. They should fear being caught by having a lot of tests. This will allow for better players who do not cheat to have a chance to compete in professional athletics.

  • A Level Playing Field Is Important

    I believe it is important to test professional athletes for steroids and I believe it should be done frequently. Steroids or performance-enhancing drugs give players an advantage and their use breaks the rules set forth by the league. I do not believe it is a good thing for athletes to cheat and they should be tested.

  • Yes if the sport wants it

    Sports pay a lot of money to athletes. It is a job for athletes. If their employer requires them to get steroid testing done then it should be done. If the sport decides no testing is needed that should be accepted too. It should be up to the sport to decide what is right.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes professional sports players should be frequent tested for steroids. It will help prevent them from using to get ahead and cheat, plus it will allow a cleaner and more friendly atmosphere for sports. It also is bad for health and the team if one player is ruining it all for everyone else.

  • Professional sports players should be frequently tested for steroids.

    After the numerous scandals that have rocked the sports world, it is necessary to test all players for illegal substances. It's impossible to trust even the most famous and respected athletes. In order to preserve the integrity of our traditions, unfortunately, we need to test everyone frequently for banned drugs.

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