Should professional sports teams spend less money on "bench warmers"?

  • Yes they should.

    As bench warmers rarely ever see a game they should not be getting paid highly at all since the game of basketball is so costly in the first place. No one who does not participate should be getting paid big money either way since they are not actually the entertainment.

  • Players should be paid based on their performance

    Yes, I agree that professional sports teams should pay the bench warmer less money then those that are consistently playing. It is not fair to those that are 'working' to be paid the same or close to the same as those that never leave the bench. You should be paid for the work and your performance just anyone else is paid at a job or in a career.

  • Bench Warmers Have Potential and Are Cheaper than Stars

    Professional sports teams pay a huge amount of money for their stars; the bench warmers are much cheaper by comparison. Since injuries are rampant in professional sports, it makes sense to have bench warmers ready and waiting to play, looking for their own possibility of becoming a star. It would make more sense to keep the bench warmers and reduce the excessive salaries of the sports stars.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe professional sports teams should spend less money period, but they shouldn't focus on the lowest paid players, otherwise known as the bench warmers. I believe professional sports teams could cut a lot of costs, especially in their wages for the top performing players. Sports should be a national past time, not an event most people can't attend due to the high ticket prices.

  • No, they are the best judge of how to spend their money.

    I think sports teams should spend their money in any way they decide. I am sure they do not set out to deliberately buy bench warmers, they might be saving those players for a future strategy, or as an investment who will improve with more training. Either way, it is wrong to second guess their strategy.

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