Should Professors Lighten the Workload for Students toward the End of the Semester?

Asked by: MissLuLu
  • Definitely, yes .

    Towards the end of the semester (especially in colleges), students begin their studies in all their classes for the upcoming final exams. Most students have more than four classes of varying subjects, and each requires time to study the material.

    It seems, however, that professors are trying to get last minutes grades in for their students. That may be beneficial for the students who need to raise their grade, but for those who work hard it is difficult to manage. Though it may not seem like much, all the work adds up along with the assignments from other teachers. These assignments take away focus from studying.

  • How would this work?

    This would never work! You have to learn the content before sitting the exam or doing an assignment... Whats the point of sitting the exam earlier, it would mean less time to learn everything AND less time to revise.

    Also after the exams have been sit, what is there next to do? Nothing so theres no point in finishing sooner in order to do nothing.

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