Should profiting from the prison system be a crime?

Asked by: mystic_crystal
  • I vote yes

    If the negative cannot prove that the for-profit prisons can provide us with a decreased amount of money, they cannot win. The Bureau of Prisons found, that the average cost of the public facilities in 2002 was only 2.2% more than the private prison. This is not significant enough to outweigh the harms.

  • Private prisons should be abolished

    They are giving our tax dollars to corporations. Privatizing prisons does NOT save us money because the government puts people in prison and so tax payers have to pay for it regardless. Private prisons push incentives to put more people in prison and a private juvenile detention facility bribed a judge to give youth longer sentences.
    I hate that I have to give money to these people!

  • We are in debt

    If we do continue to make profit off of the private prison system then the corporations who are making the money will then give it back to the government. In doing so the government then gets the money it needs so that we are no longer in so much debt.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-04T20:45:47.937
I am assuming that you are asking this because the prison system does profit, and if that is so, how do they make a profit?