• Yes, Obama represents the best option for progressives

    For those people who consider themselves as progressives politically, it seems that Barack Obama is the only logical candidate that best supports the progressive movement. Romney still seems to cling to more traditional ideas and appears to not be quite as open-minded as the President. Obama definitely advocates many more progressive policies than his opponent.

  • No choice.

    Progressives should vote for Obama because there is really no other choice. Some third party candidates like the Greens or the Libertarians would better serve many progressives, but they have no chance of getting elected with the current polarized two-party system. If you live in a solid "blue state," go ahead and vote for some third party candidate, but otherwise, every vote for Obama is needed to keep Romney out.

  • No way

    Obama is not being progressive. He is regressing us by putting us in debt that we may never recover from. If we were bring progressive we would be moving forward in jobs. The last job report that came out from Obama showed that the jobless rate was up. He is moving us all backwards.

  • It's a bit late for this now but no they shouldn't have

    Anyone hoping for hope and change with Obama, or Romney for that matter were bound to be disappointed. All you get from the Republicans or Democrats is more of the same every election, no matter what they say otherwise. Or if you do get change, it's for the worse. It progressives want change they should vote for someone new, someone outside the two major parties. That's the only way you'll get it, otherwise you never will.

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