• Yes, I believe Propaganda films should be removed from circulation.

    To many times in history we have seen instances where Propaganda films have misled the public at large in major ways for the benefit of the Government. I feel that any all forms of Propaganda should be banned and not allowed in society in the modern age, there is no need for it and history is full of disastrous examples of when propaganda was used for very bad reasons.

  • Propaganda films should be removed from circulation.

    Propaganda films should be removed from circulation. Our Country does not need propaganda films to lead our people in their decision making. Propaganda films are an insult to the citizen's intelligence. In this age of information people should be allowed to make decisions objectively and not make decisions which are subjected to propaganda films.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I do think that it would be a good idea to take all of the files out of the world that are full of propaganda, since they work to swing a person's opinion on something even though they may be throwing out a lot of lies at the person.

  • How to tell?

    How can one objectively tell what is or is not a propaganda film? Today, there are many people, many groups, and many organizations that see offensive subtext in almost every place of popular culture and every social interaction. People would refer to any film they didn't like as propaganda films.

  • Progand films can be educational.

    Propaganda films have been used since the development of motion pictures to indoctrinate a country's civilians into certain way of thinking. As blatantly biased, as some of these films were, they were still highly effective on the masses that were subjugated to them. They can be a valuable educational tool to people, now and in the future, of how media can distort your perception of reality, and be used to coerce you into blindly following orders.

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