• No true home ownership

    As long as one has to pay property tax no one will ever own their home- they will simply lease it from the government. You can have your entire house paid off, but never completely. Just like in "Goodfellas." Can't come up with your regular payment to Paulie? F-U! Pay me! And what about us dinks that have to pay for someone else to have a litter of kids and expect others to pick up the tab. And to cover the argument that someone paid for me to go to public school- I'll compromise and pay property tax for 12 years and then be done.

  • Property Tax--An Unreasonable Unjustifiable Destructive Burden

    Property tax can unfairly turn the "American Dream" of home-ownership into a nightmare of home-forfeiture and homelessness. It seems to erroneously link home-ownership to income and revenue. In reality, some homeowners, particularly retirees, have little or no income. Some depend solely on social security benefits. Consequently, many have to take out loans to pay property taxes, thereby becoming more exposed to home-forfeiture. Despite their difficulties, they are unconscionably burdened annually with property taxes--town tax and school tax. This unjustifiable tax must be abolished.

  • FIRST STEP: decriminalize non-payment of property tax

    The low hanging fruit here is to decriminalize.

    In other words: make it ILLEGAL for government to seize the homes of Americans for reasons of non-payment of property tax (or any other tax).

    It seems much more difficult to approach the issue by trying to abolish the property tax outright. It's much more obvious to people that they should have the right to truely own their homes -- which implies that nobody has the right to seize someone's home and make them homeless.

    Decriminalize non-payment first. OUTLAW home seizures.

  • Property Tax is an inequitable levy

    Property taxes pay for libraries, hospitals , emergency services, and mostly education (as much 80%). Why should some members of the community contribute and others not. The argument that homeowners have more money is unsupportable. This tax is a disincentive for middle- and lower-income citizens to invest. Likewise the argument that home investor can simply raise rent to pay their taxes shows ignorance of economic trends. The market controls rental rates with the property owner having little control. Essentially, someone who chooses to buy a home or two to rent out as a business is triple taxed: on the income, via property tax, and on capital gains (if there is a gain). No other occupation is so burdened. While both income and capital gains have a basis in paying on what you earn, property tax is without foundation and is essentially unconstitutional (dare I say extortion).

  • Property tax abolished

    Why should people pay more for everything any how we pay 30% of our salary why more? We pay a lot in every state BPL or APL and every month the rate on everything increases it is no use Indian society it is a burden on every human being in our country.

  • Stop the tyranny

    The concept of land ownership is currently nonsense. You don't own it. Think you do? Well try and stop paying your property tax. The government will come and take everything you OWN. That "tax" is essentially rent money paid to your government. Stop paying rent, they kick you out. You don't own it! However, when I buy a TV do I keep paying tax on it or is it a one time thing? Its time for people in mass to stop paying these BS taxes. Time to take a stand against tyranny you serfs!

  • We should NOT pay tax for what we call HOME, The only place that truly belong to us.

    What is the use of buying a house when it is the same as renting a house but with a bi-annual payment instead of a monthly payment? That is NOT owning a house. You shouldn't have to pay for what you OWN. The real owner of every property out there in the U. S. Is the government. It is ludicrous to the extreme. If the government wants to collect tax, Once is enough for a house. Additionally, The government should stop spending the money they collected from taxpayers on useless things. We can bear with sales tax and all that, But making us make endless payments on the house we own is going overboard.

    Posted by: lakk
  • No more TAXES

    Taxes might one of the reasons people are either homeless, Hungry and poor, Plus those type of people end up stealing food, Money and more and People are believing that the government is stealing our money and every 3 years you have pay them. Hey Governors and Presidents get REAL paying job!

  • Property Taxes are Unfair

    Being from California, I know how bad property taxes can be. They are meant to get revenue from the rich, As their property is worth more. However, That point is voided by the fact a rich person could make a mansion in the central valley and pay less in property taxes than someone in the middle class in the Bay Area. It is time we abolish this tax and rewire our budget to get more from a general fund, Supplementing the lost revenue from this tax's repeal with a tax raise on the top 1%.

  • Free and clear? Yea right.

    Like so many others, I have come to realize that the "American Dream" is becoming the "American nightmare". I have not retired yet, But I have reached a point where it is time to do so. But my strategy of having my home paid for "free and clear", Is being undermined by the greed of the government. When property taxes are at a level comparable to rent, Something is wrong. I put a big down payment on my current home so I could afford the payments and pay it off quickly. It has been paid off for 3 years now and I am mad, Because my property taxes have almost doubled in 7 years. I am surprised that I am not hearing stories of tax accessors being shot in the head on a daily basis. We are treated like cattle being led to slaughter. We have no choice but to pay or sell, And find a cheaper place to live. But why should we have to do that? Maybe there is another choice, And maybe we should take advantage of what our founding fathers had in mine when they left us the Constitution. Maybe if we do that, We can rid our governments of their psychotic greed.

  • No. I have foreign experience.

    Property tax is a tax levied not mainly for the purpose of revenue, but as an incentive.

    Here is the situation in China: The Chinese government has recently allowed land ownership, despite claiming to be Communist. The government levies no taxes on land. Land price has been soaring and has been kept high somewhat artificially. As result, many investors invest in houses. I don't have the stats in front of me, but something like 1 in 5 houses are vacant in China. This why we need property taxes, in order to discourage negative and non-creative investment.

  • What is a free society if we are bound as tax slaves?

    America was founded for Freedom, freedom from government. A society where you can be worry free own land, a house. And not have to worry about someone taking your land for failing to pay. Because property taxes unlike income taxes is taxed even if you have made no income thus driving you into corporate slavery to pay the tax thus creating the way of life we live in currently of 9-5 job that we all have to wake up and go to each day. You should be able to work 15-20 years and retire and have a paid of house and not have to pay taxes. What is live if you are nothing more than a tax slave?

  • Property Tax is necessary.

    Supposed that a billionaire buys all the land that is available. This said billionaire can own the land for as long as he lives and then pass it on to his family. The problem with this is that the land can go unused. Property taxes stops this from happening because taxes would discourage the owning of inefficient land. Property taxes also support your local government, which pays for your roads, fire and police departments. If you cannot afford the taxes on a big house, it is possible to buy a smaller house with less property taxes. We are civilized people which means that we must work together for the common good.

  • A necessary evil

    As much as I would love to get rid of property tax, the state/local gubmint will just jack up income tax by some ridiculous amount to pay for somebody else's kids public edumication.

    Also property values will become more ridiculous than they already are. We already have enough foreigners buying property here when some Americans can't even afford their own home.

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