• Yes It Should Have

    I believe Proposition 8 should have made it to the Supreme Court. I believe the items in Proposition 8 were items that we needed a consensus on from a branch of our government and the Supreme Court failed to fulfill their purposes in this way. I believe it would have been better for them to take the case.

  • Yes, the case should have been heard

    The supreme court should here any case that has as much momentum and controversy behind it as proposition 8. People will only continue to argue about it, and try to get it back to the supreme court again now. It’s a waste of time and money and the court should have been given the chance to rule and put the matter to rest.

  • Prop 8 did not need to go to the Supreme Court.

    A federal court was able to apply the 14th amendment successfully without involving the Supreme Court. If there had been any further questions about the applicability to of the 14th on prop 8, it certainly could have been a Supreme Court Case. Since there were not, the case stopped where it was and the decision stands. It is not illegal for gays to marry. It is not necessarily legal though.

  • no, it should not have.

    Proposition 8 should not have made it to Supreme Court , and it should not have even been presented at all. It is ridiculous to think that there are people in today's world that want to restrict people who love each other from getting married is one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

  • It is a state's issue.

    No, Proposition 8 should not have made it to the Supreme Court, because the issue of gay rights is not a federal issue. The constitution does not speak about gay marriage, or say whether the states should have to allow it. Thus, the Supreme Court does not need to review the issue, because each state should decide what its laws are on the issue.

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