• Circumstances make people resort to acts of desperation

    Many are using substances or abusing substances, which is a medical issue, many come from homes or environments where they have been victimized themselves and low self-worth and feelings of hopelessness combined with substance use can lead to them slowly resorting to a life of prostitution. We should provide rehab for anyone and everyone possible, if it helps even 10% of the population it still changed someones life

  • I think they should go to jail.

    For one, prostitutes try to seduce other people to have sex with them. Secondly, having sex before marriage is a sin and God would not want that. Thirdly, when prostitutes go around to seduce people, they are sometimes drunk. When you are drunk, you have less control over your actions.

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JustCheNo says2013-06-27T13:47:00.957
Prostitution is a CHOICE, not a disease. Just like drug abuse, obesity, homosexuality, pedophilia and every other immoral behavior out there.