• Its my body

    Dont force me to be a prostitute, dont force me to not be a prostitute. If I want to share myself intimately, not allowing me to share myself is the same sexual control over my body as forcing me to share my body. Stop sexually controlling me by forcing me to either do or not do what you want me to do or not do.

  • Prostitution should be allowed in every single country on earth.

    Prostitution should be allowed in every single country on
    earth. Allowing prostitution on every
    single country on earth would instantly stimulate the world economy and improve
    the lives of sex workers worldwide. Countries
    that have allowed prostitution have seen an immediate increase in tourism and
    also very large boost to their economies.

  • The world's oldest profession

    Prostitution should be, at the very least, decriminalized. It's dangerous work for some and that they have to live under the threat of being arrested along with the other problems that come with their job. What prostitutes need is to be unionized, to not be constantly under the threat of their johns and pimps - the real criminals - and to be regulated and safely protected at all times.

  • Well duh .

    I think it should be allowed because I like to pile drive them and try out new moves in the bed on them. I also think it should be allowed because those people are major perverts and like to make nasty all the time. It is a respectable job too.

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