Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized but Not Regulated?

  • I definitely think that prostitution should be criminalized but not regulated.

    I definitely think that prostitution should be criminalized
    but not regulated. Why is prostitution criminalized? It’s the world’s oldest profession. It’s never going to go away. The demand will always be there, so the
    supply will always be there. It shouldn’t
    be criminalized at all because it is a victimless crime.

  • Yes, it is a victimless crime.

    Yes, prostitution should be decriminalized but not regulated, because the women who sell sex do it because they think it will make their life better. There is no need to keep prostitution illegal, because a lot of people are hurt because it is all done on the black market. There is no reason not to have it be legal.

  • Prostitution Shouldn't Be Regulated

    I believe it would be better to legalize prostitution. I don't think its a good idea to have it regulated at all, that seems like a system that could be abused. I feel as though it would make it safer for the girls that chose to follow this line of work due to its lucrative benefits.

  • Yes, A Person Should Be Free to Make Their Own Sexual Choices

    Prostitution is a victimless crime involving sexual behavior between consenting adults. The government has no place regulating sexual behavior regardless of the motivation, and like so many other victimless crime laws, prostitution laws are enforced overwhelmingly on minorities and the poor. Even the definition under the law is difficult because lovers give gifts, including money and merchandise, all the time. It is generally recognized now that the government has no place in the bedroom, so like the overturned sodomy laws that attempted to control sexual behavior, prostitution laws need to be overturned so sex crimes units can focus on real issues like rape and child abuse where there is a real victim that needs to be protected.

  • Prostitution should be regulated.

    Be decriminalizing prostitution and regulating it, society could do a better job at protecting both the prostitute and the clients. If a client rapes, beats, or kills the prostitute, the police would know where to look. If a prostitute or client has a venereal disease, intercourse could be prevented or a condom could be used to prevent transmission.

  • Prostitution should not be decriminalized.

    Prostitution should not be decriminalized. Prostitution will always exist no matter how hard we try to stop it. I do not think that we should regulate or legalize the sexual acts of females in the trade. We are sending the wrong message to our children that they can get paid to spread their legs.

  • It should not.

    Prostitution should be decriminalized, but it would need to be regulated. If it were not regulated, then it could spiral out of control and spread STDs around very fast. If it were regulated, you could ensure that STDs would not be spread and it could be taxed bringing more money to the government.

  • Prostitution should be regulated.

    If prostitution is decriminalized it should certainly be regulated. Without regulations the prostitutes would be at a high risk for victimization, and possibly an even higher risk than
    they are with it being illegal. There would be no reason to police to involve themselves in it if it's not criminal. This would give pimps and jons more of a chance to take advantage of workers.

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