• The pros outweight the cons

    I'm not sure where to begin, so I'm just going to make a list.

    1. Rape would decrease.
    2. STD's are usually contracted from a non-prostitute.
    3. The fight against human trafficking could be better fought against.
    4. It could be taxed. Not exactly a pro for the client, but still.
    5. Sex is good for your health. If more people in America have sex, maybe we'd be a little less of an obese country and it may lower heart disease.
    6. More jobs.
    7. If abortion is legal, why not prostitution? I always hear the argument "It's my body..." Why doesn't it apply to this subject?
    8. People are doing it regardless of what the law says. Drugs can have a negative effect on a person, but prostitution has a very few downsides. And the downsides are only minor.
    9. There would be less sex-crimes.
    10. The government would not only be able to make money of taxed prostitution, but save on various costs to the tax-payer. Police, prison, etc...

    My boss's brother is 29 years old and still a virgin. He is so nervous around women that he screws up any potential relationship. When asked about it, he says that he doesn't really want a girlfriend anyway because...pretty much he says he's selfish. He wants to do what he wants whenever he wants, but he implies he still wants to be with a woman. Purchasing a prostitute would be perfect. A professional working girl could make him happy. (He seems miserable by the way. He's so ashamed to be a virgin.)

    I too would love to purchase a prostitute without the fear of going to jail. I am not boyfriend/husband material. But I would love to be with a beautiful woman from time to time.

  • It should be legal

    I think it should be legal because it would help reduce rapes, human trafficking, and murders. It is also a way for some people who don't have jobs to get one. It would also help to reduce the amount of gang violence because there would be no need for pimp/gang to keep the prostitute safe.

  • Freedom of Act

    People have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. Who are we to tell others what to do ? If you're afraid your spouse would cheat on you then it's your problem, why blame the prostitutes ? And there are male prostitutes too, so this issue has nothing to do with gender. And why is it immoral ? Who gets to decide what's immoral and what's not ? No one forces no one to be a prostitute. Prostitution will be legalized as the human race gets smarter and more logical

  • Rights

    Many of the arguments against legal prostitution are from an ethical or moral perspective. On this website alone I have read "it is just wrong" many times. The American Constitution does not protect morals it protects rights. We do not have the ten commandments we have the bill of rights. If people want to sell their bodies for sex they have that right, sure it's not something I would do, but who am I to impose my standards and my morals or ethics upon them. Prostitutes should have the freedom to make money any way they want to.

  • There should be no law prohibiting sexual activity between 2 consenting adults.

    They consented. The government has no right to interfere with private matters such as sex. Again, there is no victim, does not harm anyone and it is consented. Although I am against it morally, legally, the government has no right to interfere with such matters.

  • It happens anyway; why not reduce the risk.

    Prostitution has been around since the beginning of mankind. Most anti-prostitution laws were passed over 100 years ago. It happens every day throughout the world, so why not make money off it and reduce the risk in it? It is simply two consenting adults exchanging a service for money. It should not be any more illegal than a plumber or maid. Also like plumbers, sex workers could also form work unions to gain more rights.
    There are currently 28 legal brothels in the United States, all of which are in rural counties in Nevada. They have restrictions and are government regulated. I believe that if very restricted and regulated, prostitution would be a massive industry in the US. A major problem seen in the sex industry is the motive to be a sex worker. Many are uneducated women working voluntarily to support a drug habit. I would also argue that men and women have the right to their body. If you can get an abortion, why not.
    According to the, the international sex industry is a $20+ billion a year business I think that if there were added restrictions on age and education, prostitution would be a profitable industry. It would not only benefit the government through taxes, but also through redirecting police resources toward larger problems. Potential prostitutes should have to take a class on sex work risks, have at least an associate degree, and have no criminal record. Potential customers should have to be tested for STIs , and also not have criminal backgrounds. Sex workers should be required to use multiple forms of contraception, and have a valid license to practice prostitution. There should also be STI testing on the workers occasionally.
    Sex work is already all around us, most people just are not as offended by it. If a woman has sex with a man for money, it's prostitution. If they video tape it, it becomes legal pornography. Another example would be very wealthy men. Think of all the young women that marry old men for money. What do the women get out of it? Money. What do the men get out of it? Sex. This should be just as frowned upon as prostitution, but it's not.
    Is a 20-year-old woman marrying a 65-year-old man any different than prostitution? Other than "ethical/moral" reasons, why should it not be legalized?

  • Its what they do for a living

    They are trying to make a living like all people there job should be legalized its not like they are raping people they getting paid for what they do they enjoy what they do for a living they got nice bodies and they don't have to worry about looking after babies because they clean there wombs

  • Yes it will reduce rape victims

    It should be legalized because it would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, help people out of poverty, get prostitutes off the streets, and allow consenting adults to make their own choices. They contend that prostitution is a victimless crime, especially in the 11 Nevada counties where it remains legal.

  • LEGALIZE!!!!!

    While prostitution is illegal in nearly every U.S. state, the practice continues today. According to Associated Content, citing data from Secret Diary of a Call Girl, nearly $14.5 billion dollars is spent on prostitution every year and more than $23 million a year is spent enforcing prostitution laws. So by making it legal to own a brothel, not to prostitute, to run a brothel would cut how much is spent on making sure that it isnt legal at all.

  • A cure for trafficking

    Prostitution cannot be curbed and the evil cannot be uprooted unless and until the govt. Organizations and various agencies research on how to stop human trafficking. However legalising is not a cure in some cases it may lead to degradation of social values. So in my opinion it should be legalized

  • NO !

    I believe that prostitution should NOT be legal . What is wrong with you people , who say yes to this . Prositituion comes with alot of wrong . Murder, drugs , an sex . This should not even be a question . Have sex on your own time , not on the streets or in a strangers car . Keep it classy an less trashy .

  • It should not be legal!

    The moral fabric of society is already rottening! A wife already has to worry about her husband cheating...making this legal is not only wrong but immoral. If someone wants to be immoral they should have a legal right to do so. Would you want your daughter to think of this as a profession...because if it is made legal it could become as normal as working as a secretary! If a woman wants to be immoral and a man wants to be immoral then both should suffer the consequences of the law if caught!

  • View of a 16 year old girl.

    By legalizing prostitution, you are agreeing to using women and girls as merchandise. Legalizing prostitution will give people an unsafe fall-back option and decreases the incentive for post secondary education and any real employment opportunities. With prostitution comes a high risk of exposure to street crimes, as well as violence characterized by bodily harm, health hazards and mental trauma. Prostitution promotes unsafe sex, woman inequality & is overall just immoral.

  • There's a Flaw in the Flow of Logic

    Men already see women as an object. And it’s a luxury to live in a country that prohibits prostitution, especially when so many countries struggle with the increasingly troubling issue. We all know, prostitution is selling yourself as an object. Sure, all jobs hire you to do a service, what’s the difference with prostitution? The difference is the emotional turmoil. After having sex with man after man after man after man, I’m sure that it will lower your self esteem. And YES it’s your body, you can do what you want with it. If you want to commit suicide, no one should stop you! It’s YOUR body. Ever tried meth? Why not!? Do what you want to do! Does anyone feel like there’s something wrong with that? Sure, you do have the freedom and choice to do what you want to do. I think that’s beautiful, and I’m glad for it. But there is something off with being OKAY with others hurting themselves, right? You can feel it somewhere, can’t you??? And with that said, and the flow of logic being A:B B:C, then the government should legalize just about everything, as long as it doesn’t hurt the person around you. If you want to hurt yourself, then that’s fine, it just can’t hurt your neighbor. There is something seriously wrong with that. It makes me sad. And the worst thing is, the people reading this will just think I’m a self-righteous conservative. But this is something that truly bothers me in my heart. I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty, I just want to share what I believe is true. And I feel that being okay with people objectifying themselves, well, is not okay.

  • Prostitution should NOT be legalized.

    I'm doing this debate in my argumentation & debate class and I'm 17. All of the research I have done proves that prostitution shouldn't be legalized. Most prostitutes are teen runaways or lead into that type of life because of sexual assault as a child and beatings. Although prostitutes sell their bodies for sex it doesn't mean they are always willing. Most cases from former prostitutes state that they have to put their minds somewhere else to think they're not having sex. They also have the risk of being raped and beaten by any person purchasing them. Legalizing prostitution will not end the violence of prostitutes and yes, it will still go on underground as it is now if it is not legalized. Second, prostitution being illegal cost taxpayers millions a year just to incarcerate them but being legal it'll also cost them big bucks to get each prostitute checked for STDs. That's probably once a month for all prostitutes . There's more reasons on why but those are just the major reasons.

  • Rights of both Men and Women

    The United Nations 4th World Conference on Women Beijing 1995: 220 "Every person should be entitled to participate in, contribute to and enjoy cultural, ECONOMIC, political and SOCIAL development" Clearly, the lack of "participation" has greatly contributed to the enjoyment of such rights and the likelihood of prostitution, to say the least. Women are denied education or can not get an education for many reasons, this causes major economic disparities. Women are deprived on a social level because they are not given opportunities to partake and voice their opinions in societies where their opinions are devalued (US too). 224 "Violence against women both violates and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of human rights and fundamental freedoms." The MAJORITY of prostitutes, if not all, endure violence from their pimps and "johns." 230 paragraph G. "all States should undertake a review of all national laws, policies, practices and procedures to ensure that they meet international human rights obligations in this matter." It is the OBLIGATION of states who have signed and ratifies human rights conventions on the protection of women's rights to abide by their obligations by changing and implementing LAWS that help to ensure the provision of rights for ALL women. Legalizing prostitution would be contrary to this purpose by eliminating and therefore violating the rights of women by legalizing the violences inflicted on them. 230 paragraph M. Prevent and eradicate "child prostitution, child pornography and other forms of sexual abuse" Prostitution already includes a "too high" number of child sexual exploitation, to legalize prostitution would be to decrease and inhibit efforts to eradicate such practices.
    I can keep going on and on so let me make this easier:Declaration of the Rights of Woman 1791, The Human Rights of Women 1998, Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States 1876.

    None, I repeat NONE, of these international conventions permit the legal practice of prostitution in that they demand the enforcement of human rights BY governments. To legalize it would be to separate a group of women for the purpose of VIOLATING their rights by defining them as INHUMAN.
    Also, I have yet to see any convention, covenant, treaty or other legal document, both nationally and internationally, that declares the provision of sex a RIGHT to anyone. Maybe I'm just misinformed.

  • Prostitution should NOT be legal!

    Prostitution is morally wrong, but people do what pleases them either way it goes. This activity is downgrading to women, yet women make the decision to do it to their selves. It shouldn’t even be an option for a woman to sell herself to a man just because she needs the money for whatever reasons. Prostitution is a problem not only to society, but to the individuals themselves. It is morally wrong, yet we live in a immoral world. If a woman thinks this is the only way to make money, she is fooling herself and should know what her worth is. Sex trafficing would be next in line to legalize and before you know it, this world will have lost all values and humanity!

  • What happened to morality?

    If any one of you can honestly claim that you'd be okay with your mother, sister, daughter or friend becoming a prostitute, then this world has gotten far darker than I had ever imagined. Stop arguing that women have a right to do what they want with their bodies, and start teaching them to love and respect their bodies! It makes absolutely no sense to legalize something that is morally wrong simply because the illegalization doesn't prohibit the offense. By that standard, it should be legal to shop lift. People are just going to do it anyway, right? The illegalization just makes it more exciting! We should always stick up for what's right and never give in to what is wrong because it is simpler.

  • No, I don't think prostitution should be legalized; it's a disgraceful thing to do for money.

    Prostitution shouldn't be legalized, it's a shameful way to make a living, and it can be ruinous to individuals if they are exposed for using prostitutes. If women (or men) want to sell their sexual services to other people, it should remain the dark and unsavory business it is now, not legalize it to make it more acceptable. Legalizing prostitution would be bad in many ways. Too many young women would see this as a way to earn a living and when they get older they will be without skills, except for sex, and the fact is, anyone can do that.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • How does this affect the children?

    Sex is still primarily an act to make babies. Woman are wired to respond to it in such a way, even despite the changing gender roles. Unless the prostitutes get their tubes tied there will an explosion of kids born out of these situations - even if contraception is used properly - and how will this impact their lives? Is this the right step for the next generation?

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Anonymous says2013-03-04T13:30:33.827
I wish I could read my replies... the people saying no to prostitution being regulated, are missing the point. it's none of our business what another individual wants to do with his or her body.. I mean jesus have you ever scene 2 boxers about half kill them self and women are probably the ones voting know,yet women want evil rights. underage prostitution would be stop overnight, would somebody rather see a legal prostitute that is an adult or an underage prostitute given the choice most people would see the legal prostitute.. I don't agree with drinking and driving so I guess alcohol should be illegal
Anonymous says2013-06-07T04:51:38.473
Wow it makes me very sad to read how naïve and selfish people can be. Fist things first it is now incorrect to refer to this act as prostitution it is now defined as sexual exploitation, this is to help victimize the females, because they are victims, victims of sexual abuse. I am an experiential woman (former "prostitute"), who now works directly with youth and young adult females that are currently being sexually exploited, to help them exit the sex trade. While the females are entrenched in the sex trade they may say comments like it's my body, my choice and my money. But once they have exited the trade for a long time (if they were able to) they will then realize that they were being brain washed and controlled the inter time, by their pimps. Pimps and "johns" are sex offenders and are they only ones that should be criminalized, because they are the ones doing the abuse. The pimps/johns just like any other sex offender (molesters & rapist) can sense an individuals vulnerability and take advantage of that. One of the reasons why drug abuse is related to sexual exploitation is some people use it as a way to cope, forge and escape from the traumatic, abuse they are faced with every day. So for the people that read this I hope you can begin to realize that "prostitution" (sexual exploitation) is not a choice and that at one point or another the females and some males were originally exploited by someone to get them into the sex trade and exploitation. Here are some real statistics for sexual exploitation of children and youth....13 years old is the average age reported that a youth experiences being sexually exploited through the sex trade, ages range from 8years-16years old, 70% to 80% of adults involved the sex trade were also first exploited under the age of 18, and 52% were sexually abused as children and 52% were physically abused as children before being sexually exploited. I leave you with one last thought...Because I could write/talk about this issue forever...If it is wrong for a father to sexually abuse his 13 years old daughter then how is it not wrong for an older man "john" to sexually exploit and take advantage of a random 13 year old girl? And to all of you perverts and "johns" that justified purchasing a woman (or male) for your own sick pleasure or desperation, I hope you all get charged and incarcerated for it, because what you are doing is sexual abuse and you are demoralize a woman (or male) and taking away their rights and respect as a human. The government isn't doing the abuse or damage whether its legal or illegal the offenders are!
Anonymous says2013-06-14T13:55:20.623
I can't see what the problem is. It's an anachronism and about time it was banished for good. Prostitution is for wealthy men and greedy women who have no self respect. Ordinary people don't indulge in it, so why should we put up with the effects of other people doing it. It's antisocial and the cause of too many social problems. I'm tired of hearing about these self serving people who argue in favour of letting it spread. Like women who argue that it got them through uni. Yeah pull the other one, how do the male students manage to get through uni then? It's a hollow argument like everything used to claim it's a respectable occupation. It's not, it makes me feel we're still living in the middle ages whenever I hear about it.
Quan says2013-06-14T15:56:11.230
It's just sex between two consenting adults. Who cares what the terms of the consent are? Why is it the governments business?
C41 says2013-12-20T02:23:17.247
For a glimpse into where it is legal...


It's complex, it is a product of limited economic opportunity for women, but it is also not necessarily the hellish world of degradation that opponents of legalization say it is.
MatBrennon says2014-03-13T10:39:42.083

Well if we all had a good time, who would work their butts off to buy the house the car and the rest of the necessary stuff to gain the status and acquire the companion of his dreams?

How then would big corporations make money, if YOU POOR JOHN was happy with the lady of the house with the red light by the corner of the street, or the lady-queen of your dreams model - cheerleader who cost a little more but would look like a porn star and make you feel like you are an NFL STAR for a few minutes?

...AND without victims in society, what happens to the industry ( Someone has get depressed and frustrated, take prescribed medication and be hospitalized or go to church, die earlier from cancer (or STDS because LEGAL prostitution means LESS STDS NOT MORE), lose control and end up in sanitarium, commit the crime and be imprisoned.

Imagine if the American man had all that power. THE POWER TO CHOOSE HIS SEXUAL PARTNER. A lot of people would have lost a lot of money, so they rather squeeze you by the balls like a lemon, drench you from your oil, and drown you in propaganda. Face it, you are the mouse who goes after the cheese and turns the wheel.

MatBrennon says2014-03-13T10:40:41.613
You people are naive:

Prostitution being illegal HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH STDS. A lady of the trade is satisfied with the money she'll make out of the business transaction.You don't have to hold it for an hour, you don't have to kiss her and exchange fluids with her, heck you don't even have to go further than a hand job. You wear your prophylactic (double if you want), 15 minutes wham bam, here's your money thank you ma'am.

1) You will never have to cheat on your wife, since no relationship would be established (the lady cares for your money, and the money of many others like you), no sex other than virtual through the condom and without any contact of mucous membranes ( I meant tongue and lips what else did you thing I meant, take your mind of the gutter ), no liaisons and affairs, you got married young and without your hearts content of different sexual partners of your dreams. No problem, pay, pick and choose and get it out of your system a few times and focus the rest of your life to your children and good wife. No divorces, no heartaches no issues. You may only go as far as having a conversation with the lady, having a drink, a massage or a hand job, YOUR CHOICE.

2) What, you never had the woman of your dreams, don't do the crime, work at Walmart save a weeks wages and feel fine, once a month. Better than wasting your life in prison because you reached 40 and got depressed and disappointed.

3) LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE PERV, find a woman of the trade who is 18 instead, and get over with it, is better than prison and registering as a sex offender. You have uncontrollable sexual impulses, go to a lady of the trade but take it easy BECAUSE NOW SHE CAN CALL THE COPS ON YOU.
MatBrennon says2014-03-13T11:58:03.207
Just read the comments of those who are against prostitution. All their arguments are self centered, self-interest oriented. They are about big business making more money (you gotta buy that diamond the big house, you gotta get that better job work hard to have that lady of your dreams --- most of you will die with the dream).

The pastor of a church acquiring more members ( you don't need sex, you need church).

The soccer mom with the insecurities ( you rather have an unhappy, stressed and depressed husband who yes he loves you but wants a bit of change once in a while? Do you rather him find another woman by means of opportunity and being tempted by her as a result of his quest for someone different, would you rather lose him and have your household falling apart? Wouldn't you rather him boost his manhood a few times in a lifetime with the professional of his choice (his sex-service girl) -- for a few minutes of virtual, condom only sex, as opposed to him having an opportunistic and dangerous affair -- and get out of his system and focus on his family for the rest of his more mature years (after all you are and could always be his queen)?

Those who worry that their daughters are going to be prostitutes,guess what the will be if they so choose, the legal type whether you like it or not. They can make porn movies, exchange sex not for money but for career, grades, a more affluent husband, a lady has got to have her power right sisters?

Who cares for the poor soul who works for 7 bucks an hour and has to save money to buy the computer and afford the internet to muster-debate and salivate. Let him work till the day he dies, prey over his sinful thoughts at best, or loose control and commit a crime and get locked in prison or loose his mind completely end up in the crazy house.

All you righteous hypocrites. It is more noble to be a prostitute, after all it is a positive contribution, a necessary service to society. What is your contribution hypocrites, to the well being of society? Supposedly you care for us not catching stds, but you do not allow us to have a 15 minute protected sex with a professional, who would be examined every two weeks, and with whom their would be no actual fluid-exchange kind of dangerous sex with another complete stranger, but a virtual through a prophylactic; not prolonged and therefore of higher chances to pass or contract an std. Heck the lady would be happy with $100- $200. We are there to satisfy ourselves not her, no reason to hold it and make a job out of it (that effort goes for the girlfriend or the wife).

You hypocrites care for our health, but you do not care that we die every day, little by little from stress, depression and frustration. You make slaves out of the citizens by means of hard labor in order for us to attain the unattainable. You make us prisoners by means of restricting our freedom of choice on how to live our lives. Yet you do not hesitate to feed us GMOS, CAT SCANS US, CHEMO US, and drive us to extremes by using women as bait, having the decorated and sparingly dressed on commercials and billboards, you allow women to sell themselves by means of their provocative fashion to keep ourselves hypnotized, and willing to follow your instructions to work hard and spend our money, you drug us, drive the weak among us to the edge, you hospitalize us, institutionalize us, imprison and kill us, yet you care for us not catching stds (only to increase our chances of catching stds by having sex with the non - professional who wants sex not money and unprotected - since you cannot place a prophylactic everywhere - or even from an unregulated prostitute who shares needles and with whom some of us especially the younger would resolve in their endeavors to finally be sexually satisfied. The poorest among us could may only get a chance or too in their lifetime, they don't have the luxury to pick and choose the healthiest and cleanliest let alone the most sexually and sensually appealing among the female populace.

Isn't after all the sex drive that has always moved humans to action? Deprive the ability of a man to acquire female companionship, and you have deprived him of his power and have acquired yourself a willing and hard working slave.

Prostitution will never be legal in America, and the aforementioned are the true reasons.
MatBrennon says2014-03-13T12:19:44.263
...And to all of you that say if prostitution was legal young girls would be exploited. Save us the bu-llsh-it, and the propaganda, and the lawyer tactics. It is now that they are exploited. If prostitution was legal, it would be on the surface and regulated . Women who did the profession illegal would not be able to stand the competition of the legal businesses and why not legit enterprises (let alone criminal pimps with 13 year old school girls). Besides women have always known that beauty sells. By legalizing the sexual trade, you empower those women who choose to do this profession (which is a service by the way, as is the one of the masseuse, the pedicurist and the manicurist, or the hairstylist) and not those criminals who they become necessary for these women to have customers and feel protected (from pervs other criminals and check this out cops who would arrest them instead of protecting them as they would if they were working in a legitimate establishment). In the 21st century and we still consider sex not a natural necessity for the well function of society but taboo. Take your heads out of your behinds, and don't hide yourselves behind your hypocrisy.
MatBrennon says2014-03-14T05:54:38.283
...And what about the victims of accidents and our veterans who lost limbs, should we expect them to seek partners with missing limbs too, or must-er-ba-te with their feet?! The law could at least make provisions for them. But all you who are against the legalization of the sex trade, attempt to present yourselves as righteous, yet you are simply selfish hypocrites; or lacking the insight or intelligence required to make a well grounded decision. You cannot see through the thick fog of propaganda due to your compromised by your pot smoking habit cognitive ability, and inability to use whatever is left of your incapacitated brain cells.

Some statistics : The past 20 years the population of imprisoned Americans has increased 800%. The US is the highest country in the world, in divorces, population in prison, assault and homicide, and sex crimes IN THE WORLD INCLUDING ALL OTHER COUNTRIES.

But hey, if you get sexual frustrated you need to buy guns and shoot it out of your system in the shooting galleries, since porn is not good enough after all porn IS NOTHING BUT A GLASSY WORLD. Those who know know, and yet ignorance could be a bliss.
MatBrennon says2014-03-14T20:16:09.077
...And what about the thousands of abortions, orphans and children of divorced parents? Certainly legalizing prostitution would bring the number down through the years TEN-FOLD. You lying hypocrites, talking about ethics and principles and morality. You've reached the age of sexual inability, or body and mental degeneration or lack of interest, you envy the youth, and want to appear moral, and principled and want to pass your idea of morality and make it the law.
MatBrennon says2014-03-14T22:10:59.440
...Also if legalizing the sex - trade, would proliferate stds, the pharmaceutical companies would be the first to sponsor it. After all they are Soooo caring for the populace that they charge $2000 a month for a daily dose of retro-viral pills, maybe it is the other way around. The profits from psychedelic medication (for depression and a score other fabricated mental health condition), alone would be sliced if, hey why should I get depressed and by a gun and shoot it out of my system in the shooting range, I got it covered for a hundred bucks, I would double condom it, shave or spray myself with anti-crab medication need be ( we could catch flees and Hep C, in the hair or nail salon, or the expensive massage spa by the way ), what I would not do is not kiss in the mouth, or put mine in the wrong places, 'cause my money would be enough to keep the lady happy. Talking about practicing safe sex, both I and the professional would be adults and know how to do it. In any case butt out of what I do with my body, my money, and litigating my character and principles. IT IS MY YOUNG YEARS AND MY LIFE! You had yours, and after not being able to change your society, after your bodies degenerated, and your minds became stagnant, you endeavor to argue the point down; in order to appear principled (those self-centered or naive to say the least among you who swallow the propaganda or the hypocrites who proliferate it in order to appear as principled and respected members of society ); or drown as in the propaganda to continue making profits by drying as of our youth, squeezing us like lemons, distilling us like olives, squashing us like grapes, grinding us like seed, till we have nothing left and are dead and discarded in the graveyard (those who can afford the luxury, others will have to be cremated ). ENOUGH! LEAVE US THE HECK ALONE TO ENJOY WHAT WE CAN< AND WHAT IS LEFT OF OUR LIVES!
MatBrennon says2014-03-14T22:21:27.810
...Also if prostitution was to proliferate stds, the pharmaceutical companies would be the first to sponsor it. After all they are Soooo caring for the populace that they charge $2000 a month for a daily dose of retro-viral pills, maybe it is the other way around! The profits from psychedelic medication (for depression and a score of other fabricated mental health conditions), alone would be sliced if "prostitution (what a derogatory term)" was legal! Hey why would people get depressed and buy a gun and shoot it out of their system in the shooting range, or commit crimes, if they would have it covered for a hundred bucks with the lady of their fantasies at the corner of the street?! They would double condom it, shave or spray themselves with anti-crab medication need be ( we could catch flees and Hep C in the hair or nail salon, or the expensive massage spa by the way ), what they would not have to do is kiss in the mouth, or put their mouths in the wrong places, 'cause their money would be enough to keep the lady happy. Talking about practicing safe sex, both the "John (another derogatory term to facilitate by means of subconscious manipulation of the naive) and the professional would be adults and know how to do keep themselves safe. In any case butt out off what we do with our bodies, our money and our time; and STOP litigating our character and principles. IT IS OUR YOUNG YEARS AND OUR LIFE! You had yours, and after not being able to change your society, after your bodies degenerated, and your minds became stagnant, you endeavor to argue the point down; in order to appear principled (those self-centered or naive to say the least among you who swallow the propaganda or the hypocrites who proliferate it in order to appear as principled and respected members of society ); or drown us in the propaganda to continue making profits by drying us of our youth, squeezing us like lemons, distilling us like olives, squashing us like grapes, grinding us like seed, till we have nothing left and are dead and discarded in the graveyard (those who can afford the luxury, others will have to be cremated ). ENOUGH! LEAVE US THE HECK ALONE TO ENJOY WHAT WE CAN, AND WHAT IS LEFT OF OUR LIVES!
MatBrennon says2014-03-14T22:22:52.393
The last statement was a correction of the previous one.
thenewkidd says2014-06-26T04:31:58.847
Two things...
1) I do not agree that sex trafficking would be reduced by much if prostitution was legalized or decriminalized and here is why...
Trafficking is a slightly different animal as a it would be a similar argument saying if Marijuana was legalized crack use would go down... It might be affected slightly but it's not directly as it's a different industry.

Sex trafficking is about slavery and forcing someone into a business that the victim would not otherwise choose to do, legalizing prostitution would not really help that situation as traffickers would still seek victims for this industry.

2) Woman who choose to enter into the industry voluntarily cannot be called victims... Otherwise law enforcement are implementing double victimization. A woman getting caught in a sting are arrested, fined and jailed for the "career choice" she chose to enter.. If she was truly forced that would be like a woman being raped then jailed because someone raped her.

Sorry, I don't buy it. If you worked at a Fast Food chain and quit to find a new job, how many of those workers would have a good thing to say about that job? Does that mean we should make Fast Food working illegal because it was the "only job" someone could get and thus didn't really have a choice? No.. There are Councillors, help programs and everything for women in the sex industry.. Get help if you don't like it.
Criminalizing Prostitution does not help the girls in the industry... The argument that woman are forced into the industry because of finance situations and thus cannot truly "consent" is a silly argument. How does criminalizing prostitution help these women that enter the industry except by giving law enforcement an excuse to victimize the would-be victims.

If Prostitution was legal... A real victim of prostitution would not be arrested, jailed, or fined for being a victim in the industry... Then those talking about the women in this industry no longer be arrested, fined, or jailed for something they didn't want to do in the first place.

I find it funny that the public want to "protect people from themselves" when it comes to sex, but if I want to bash my face in in a boxing match, people would think there is nothing wrong. When boxing is a horrible sport that causes brain damage... I think we should protect these people by putting them in jail so they don't fight any more.

If we are making laws based on morality... Alcohol needs to be illegal, adultry (consenting adults) needs to be illegal and prosecuted).
sorrymyopinion says2018-01-31T19:06:00.403
Porn is literally legal already. Porn stars make money off of having sex, the only difference being it's public for anyones viewing pleasure. What is the difference?