Should Prostitution Be Legal in Licensed Places like Brothels?

  • It Definitely Should

    Any nation/country/government that believes that they can totally eradicate the practice and presence of prostitution believes that it can eradicate a practice that has subsisted all over the world for ages, which warrants a necessity for the said nation/country/government to wake up and smell reality. There is no crime in sex between two or more consenting parties. But because one introduces a monetary trade, it's suddenly made criminal? The irrelevant wrongs often thought by the dissenters to be associated with prostitution (e.G, drugs, rape, and physical abuse), although often plague the sex trade, are neither necessarily present with prostitution nor will they disappear if prostitution does likewise. As a matter of fact, these wrongs can and do persist amongst us whether we are prostitutes or not. Also worth mentioning is the fact that drugs, rape, and other forms of violence that may be associated with prostitution would definitely be minimized if the sex trade is to be conducted, as most advocates suggest, in legal brothels, which would require standard drug and STD tests as well as security for the workers, something they wouldn’t get if prostitution is kept out in the streets. Finally, a number of 1st world countries make a handsome profit from the taxes generated via prostitution, so why not this struggling economy here in the U.S.?

  • Definitely it Should

    Whether legalized or not, prostitution will still exist. Any country/government that thinks that they can totally dissolve prostitution must think they can crash an age old, inevitable world-wide profession, which warrants the need for the said country/government to wake up and smell reality. There cannot be a crime in the actual act of engaging in sexual activity between two or more consenting parties. Otherwise, we would cease to exist! But somehow getting paid/paying for it DOES make it a crime? All of the irrelevant crimes associated with the sex trade (e.G., drugs, rape, and physical abuse) may be wrong, BUT THE SEX TRADE ITSELF IS NOT, and thus shouldn't be illegal. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned wrongs will not cease just because prostitution does. They go on in our everyday lives without being prostitutes. Many 1st world countries benefit from the tax dollars generated via prostitution, so why not our struggling economy?

  • Yes it should

    Prostitution should be legal because it is so prevalent and it's the world's oldest profession. If it were legal, prostitution would have less crime associated with it. If prostitution were legal, it could be taxed and it could become a lot more safe. I think with the right rules a regulation prostitution should be legalized.

  • People shouldn't have to do it.

    People all over the world find themselves in desperate situations. When people are desperate, they don't have many choices. By legalizing Prostitution, regardless of where, you will be giving desperate people an option they otherwise wouldn't choose. Lets create more way for people to get work. Legalizing prostitution will lead many people to a life they don't want to live, but a life they feel the have to.

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