• Do it without delay!!!

    I frankly believe that it should be legalized, regulated and taxed If people want to buy or sell sex let them. Keeping it legal isn't stopping it one bit? What about all the guys that can't get laid where are they to get their sex and women who can't find jobs where are they gonna get their money? Legalization and regulation is the best way to make it safer. Keep women safe keep men safe and stop living a certain way because the bible says so.

  • Prostitution should be legalised

    It is the world's oldest profession and every attempt to end it has failed. It is not simply paying for sex which makes it sound bland and without meaning. A tradition dating thousands of years women who marry are considered incompetent in satisfying men or do not have sex appeal. Whereas a woman who remains a prostitute knows she is good at what she is doing will earn many times more than a married woman. Married women condemn prostitution because they know that they can never be as good or do all that a man would want her to do. She is restricts her sexual activity and can never be able to match one who has many talents.
    The generalization is that men just want to same kind of sex they have with they with their wives. It that was the case why bother visiting a brothel? They might as well have a hole in a mattress. The experience is way beyond anything a wife can provide.
    Legal prostitution would assure safe sex, it will prevent the police harassment, the biggest benefactors by keeping prostitution illegal are the police. They are bribed to look away. Prostitutes who are asked to change their profession, their standard reply is "Give us a job which pays us that much". Another false impression women are forced into this business. Which is not the case, they have been in this profession for generations. Children are born in brothels, they know the business inside and out. Prostitution is a business and should be legal and taxed like any other business.

  • The Cause Of The Violence Related To Prostitution Is Its own Illegality

    If prostitution would be legalized, it would not include any drug dealing or human traffic, it would be like any other respectable business (Well, at first maybe not so respected). It would be like gambling or drinking which kills and gets a lot people into poverty but stills a legal matter.

  • Less Government Intervention

    The government has their hand in everything. They cannot possibly tax the human body, thus the reason it's illegality was born. Prostitution is very much a part of the natural process, yes females will trade sex for water, food, or shelter in the animal kingdom.
    Sex is a natural bodily function that not everyone can easily get. Porn is legal, and the only difference is it's on video getting taxed.
    As long as people aren't flaunting sex in the middle of the street, or in public areas where it would be inappropriate, there really is nothing wrong with prostitution. It just another quick way to get laid and get paid.

  • Let adult women be treated as thinking adults for once.

    Technically prostitution applies to both women and men, but for practical purposes the vast majority are women. And the law against it is nothing but an extension of the "Father Knows Best" mentality -assuming that women can't decide what to do with their own bodies. Guess what? They can. Needless to mention, forced prostitution (pimping) should be prosecuted. But let women decide what to do with their bodies and what is demeaning or not.

  • Yes yes yes

    I think, the government should legalize the prostitution in our country. As statistic shows, the number of infected people with venereal disease is increasing and there are a lot of reasons, but one of them is - prostitution. In our country the prostitution is also one of the urgent problems, however as we know the police do not solve this problem because they have profit from pimps. The police is also controls this illegal business, but if our government legalize the prostitution, we will solve the problem of increasing number of HIV infected people and also the problem of corruption.
    There are a lot of pluses of legalization of it, the good example could be Holland where the prostitution is legalized. The good side of it - prostitutes will be healthy and they must be checked by the hospitals for disease and as facts says, the 'Red light district' is one of the quite places. So, I am for legalization!

    Posted by: Sani
  • Yes, it is only bad because of stigma.

    The most harmful part of prostitution is the stigma the sex workers feel for their profession. This can force them into alcoholism, drug use, or other forms of crime due the self fulfilling prophecy. If the state were to regulate it, allow for brothels and cease denying them benefits, even forcing them to partake in weekly STI checks, they may be able to feel this stigma less.

  • Enforcing the cartel

    Having read the arguments of the Con side, all I can see if faux moral outrage without any reason given. Admit it, all that is being defended is the right to feel smug about your ability to get sex for free.

    We all know that women consider very few men attractive enough to have sex for free, the rest are expected to pay. Women will only settle for an inferior specimen once they have played the field as much as they can with the attractive men. Only then, when their biological egg timer chimes and their market value plummets do they suddenly discover the need to settle in a stable, supportive relationship. They claim this as 'love', but face it, womens love is conditional on being provided for. This is an exchange of services just like prostitution, the only difference is the price. Half of everything is far too much for a service which usually is withheld following the signing of the marriage contract. No prostitute could get away with taking the payment but not providing the service! This racket must be vigorously enforced, dissidents must be shamed!

    Married men: wise up! She only settled for you because she wanted her bills paid, you are not her first choice.

  • Two consenting adults. Government should not be involved at all.

    I agree that it is immoral. I agree that it can hurt people. However that is not the point. This is an issue between two consenting adults. The government should not have any right to decide who can have sex with who. Sure, it may be the wrong way of life. However, even if it is immoral, corrupt, etc., the government still does not have the right to interfere with any matters relating to sex between two consenting adults. They are not violating anyone's rights, and by making prostitution illegal it would be violating theirs.

  • I feel that prostitution should be legalized, because what a woman does with her body is her choice.

    Prostitution should be legalized, so that willing women could make money. We waste money prosecuting men and women that are engaging in consensual sexual activity. They are not harming anyone. I also feel it would be safer for prostitutes. If prostitution were legal, then there wouldn't be a need for pimps, because women could market themselves, without fear of repercussions.

    Posted by: NineNathanial43
  • I am opposed to legalizing prostitution, because it encourages women to sell their bodies and puts them in dangerous situations.

    Prostitutes put themselves in extremely dangerous situations. They are getting in vehicles and hotel rooms with complete strangers, and many times end up getting abused or murdered. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases is already increasing rapidly, and prostitution is definitely contributing to that. It can be argued that prostitution has been around since the beginning of time, but my response to that is, let's not make it easier for them by legalizing it!

    Posted by: FinBIond
  • Prostitution should not be legalized because it is morally wrong.

    Legalizing prostitution will only lead to the decline of more marriages and to more diseases. Prostitution is morally wrong and does not need to be legal. The morals of this country need to get back on track instead of further away from the right track. Men would stray way too much and have sex with prostitutes if it were legal.

    Posted by: MycaMy
  • No, I disagree that prostitution should be legalized because it is a gross way to support yourself and sends the wrong message to children and dirties our communities.

    I disagree that prostitution should be legalized because usually prostitutes are in the wrong way of life. They are either homeless, addicted to drugs or have other issues. If prostitution was legalized, it would be like allowing these issues to become larger in our communities. It also send a terrible message to children about what is acceptable in our communities. It's disgusting and should never be legalized.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • No, because prostitution, like other crime, is harmful to society.

    Prostitution should, under no means, be legalized. It is a practice, much like crimes involving drugs and violence, that brings society down. It brings with it disease and death, and the breakdown of personal relationships. Anything that will cause this much destruction should be prohibited. And people who choose to participate in it should be punished harshly.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Prostitution should not be legalized because it is completely immoral.

    Prostitution should not be legalized because if it would be, it would be telling people that selling your body is a moral thing to do. It would be too much of a temptation for married men. It would not do well in showing a moral example for the United States. It would also entice other women to turn to the profession even more then they do.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Prostitution should not be legalized, because it will contribute to the further moral decline of the western world.

    Don't we have enough problems in the world without adding to them? Legal prostitution will only increase immoral behavior by making it "legitimate". It will also make it much easier to spread sexually transmitted diseases, because I believe that people will be less cautious. When one hears the word "legal", they might tend to acquire a false sense of security and not take precautions. We should fight to end prostitution altogether, not make it more acceptable.

    Posted by: P0ngCuII
  • I oppose the legalization of prostitution because it is immoral and could lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted disease and human trafficking.

    I contend that prostitution is immoral and very exploitative of women. This should not become a commercial enterprise. It would empower men to promote the repression of women. We have fought decades to rise above this. It could lead to more violent crimes against women and the destruction of the family unit.

    Posted by: DesmondN
  • There are many more ways of making money that are far less dangerous.

    Personally I feel there are way too many cons and too little pros. If prostitution became legal so many more people would rely on prostitution instead of getting more education and creating a more stable future. I don’t consider prostitution immoral, Just a really dumb choice of career. Many sex workers are severely abused while having sex with the people they are serving. Many prostitutes don’t even want to have sex with these people. They just want a bit of extra cash. I think that wanting a bit of extra cash is fine but by having prostitution illegal it can encourage people to choose other career choices instead that don’t put the person at risk. Being a prostitute is incredibly dangerous for the prostitute and the person paying them. It’s unstable and frankly quite sickening to think of having to have sex with people if they pay you. This is just a personal opinion and I would love hearing the other side too as they also have very good points.

  • Just not please!!

    Prostitution is bad, it undermines the position of women, which should be equall as high as that of men. L l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l

  • Prostitution should not be legalized

    Prostitution objectifies women/men. It gives men/ women the ability to degreade each other and cause harm. Prostitution is money for sex. Its wrong. People deserve better than to degrade themselves to having to pay someone for sex. People should wait for what they deserve because there is a someone out there for everyone

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