Should prostitution be legalized and well regulated?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • Yes, if you can prevent human trafficking for sex.

    Human trafficking is an abomination. I believe those who traffic in human flesh should hang, short drop, dangle and strangle.

    It is perfectly legal for people to have sex for money under current law if you do it the right way. You can marry into a wealthy family. You can have a wealthy boyfriend or girlfriend. You can be a kept man or woman (sugar baby), wherein the sugar baby has their lifestyle provided for them in return for sex and companionship. They even get an allowance of several thousand dollars per month. So for women or men to engage in sex for hire is perfectly legal as long as you don't get paid per "transaction". You cannot advertise oral sex for $50 a go, but you can advertise to be a sugar baby for $5,000 dollars per month plus bills and expenses.

    Legalizing it and trying to regulate it will not work, either. Has legalizing liquor or marijuana done away with untaxed, illegal weed or booze? No. There is more untaxed booze in the US now than there was at the height of Prohibition. Untaxed and unregulated MJ is likewise still thriving. Illegal growers don't have to pay minimum wage, provide heath care, pay attention to OSHA or health department regulations, comply with reams of paperwork, pay taxes, etc, etc.

    The same will happen with prostitution. You can try to make escorts and street hookers illegal and move them into establishments like the Bunny Ranch or some facility in a city, but then they have to be health tested, pay income and social security taxes, pay into Medicaid, pay for Obamacare or whatever it will be called now (and you know health insurance companies are going to jack up rates for hookers), stop working if it is found they have an infection, comply with federal, state and local rules, etc etc.

    Most will simply ignore it all and go on as they have been. I just want human trafficking stopped. If a man/woman age 21 or over wants to hook for a living, let him/her. But if s/he was forced into the life, then hang the pimp/trafficker; in fact, ban all pimps. Every girl/guy must be an independent contractor. There must not be one iota for force applied to make another human being start or stay in prostitution.
    Maybe by legalizing it, the hooker would not be afraid to come out and tell on abusers, pimps, traffickers and rapist clients.

  • I wouldn't pay someone to have sex with me

    I would never pay someone to have sex with me. But that's besides the point. The main point I want to make is WHAT RIGHT DOES THE GOVERNMENT HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T HAVE SEX IN EXCHANGE FOR MONEY?! If a guy can go out and buy a gun he definitely should be able to by some putang.

  • Best available option.

    Prostitution is going to happen whether you like it or not, but if we legalize it we will have a better understanding of and control over it. We can use regulations to reduce the number of STDs being spread, and prostitutes will be able to report abuses without fear of being arrested.

  • Freedom, better ways of dealing with the problems.

    People should have the freedom to have sex with who they want for whatever money they want. So long as all parties involved know what they are doing and can take that responsibility.

    If people are being forced into it we should help them. Making prostitution illegal just makes it harder for them to get out because they can't ask the police for help. If the work is legal and the workers are registered you can talk to them and help them if they want out. Also you can talk to them about doing the work in a safe way, using condoms.

  • Is there really anything wrong with it?

    I always wondered why there were people against prostitution, it's not like people are forcing you to participate in it.
    If women choose to sell sex to men, shouldn't it be well regulated? They won't have to be so shady about it and it would make their working conditions so much better. A prostitute is still a person, and the fact that they embrace their sex shouldn't mean that people can shame them for it. If it was legalized there would be less STDs, and they could be treated with more respect.
    Overall, I have no problem with it and no one else should either.

  • Work at McDonalds or work at the Bunny Ranch

    People are off their f'ing rockers. Career day day at school for street walkers? Minimum wage for prostitution? Unionize the sex trade? Career training on how to become a hooker?
    Come on folks... You gotta get some of these nutty ideas out of your little heads. There is already way too much porn on the internet already. Now you want brothels on every street corner? You want your kids be sex workers and accept whoring your body out as an acceptable way to make money. You gotta be kidding me. What the f@ck are we teaching? You can find a job doing something productive so instead we say go have sex for money - SICK!

  • Demeaning to women

    Are you serious. People should not sell their body. We are not made for sex we are good people. Legalizing prostitution will encourage it. No. It disgusts me how 100% of people have said yes. Don't have sex for money, you are throwing your life away. Just don't do it.

  • No and Yes

    I believe that the act of prostitution is consensual and common. I believe that the specifics of each 'contract' should be considered normal unless they contain aspects that are illegal, ie violence,coercion, etc. I believe that the client /partner obligations of conduct and payment are not legally binding and I would liken their nature to the contract between a bookmaker and his credit client. These matters are dealt with within the industry via self regulation. Grievance can then be pursued via a legal action for which precedent would need to be established on a case by case basis. This is an informal regulation of sorts.
    The act of prostituting oneself is not one that would be considered naturally and I feel that if it were legalized on a national level that fox hunting would be allowed also,, perhaps even euthanasia. My opinion is probably worth spit as I have never been with a prostitute and I have no intention of researching this topic, hands on.

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