Should prostitution be legalized in an effort to solve the problem of illicit sex trafficking?

  • Yes

    If some one want to perform a service and charge for that, what's your problem? Doctor's charge you for checking your health and treatment. Beautician charges you and you are charged on the massage parlor also. Finally, teachers are also charging you. So if a sex expert is teaching you something new and asked you to pay for that whats the issue?

  • Less STDs, Less Rapes, and Less Women Being Abused by Pimps

    Getting mad at a prostitute for "renting" out her body because of your moral beliefs is like getting mad at a person for eating a cupcake because you're on a diet!
    I personally think it's disgusting but it's been proven that legalizing prostitution decreases the rates of STD's, less women disappear and the state makes money from it by taxing it.

  • I definitely think that prostitution should be legalized so that there will be no need for illicit sex trafficking.

    Although I believe that prostitution is immoral, I do believe that it should be legalized with laws controlling it that can be enforced. This would definitely go a long way in reducing the criminal act of sex trafficking. Hopefully, this would greatly stop or reduce the abuse of young girls who are sold into prostitution. An additional benefit of legal prostitution would be that there could be health requirements that would greatly reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Prostitution should be legal to prevent even worse crimes against humanity.

    From a moral standpoint I don't agree with prostitution, but from a logical standpoint it doesn't make sense for it to be illegal. We give people the right to do all kinds of stupid, immoral things because it's their choice--their body. Prostitution shouldn't be any different. If legalizing it will help prevent far more serious crimes against humanity, then it's for the best all around.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • There are actually TWO main reasons why legalized prostitution is preferable.

    First, legalization would make it far easier for the government to require, as in several European countries, that all prostitutes be tested for various sexually transmitted diseases so as to prevent the spread of those diseases. Second, legalization could go a long way toward removing the organized criminal element from the business of prostitution.

    Posted by: J Martinez
  • Legalizing prostitution would allow the government to better regulate it.

    Legal or not, prostitution exists. In its current form, most prostitutes are minors, illegal immigrants, people suffering from addiction, or other vulnerable people. Additionally, many prostitutes have a difficult time insisting on condom use and are reluctant to report violence against them by customers or pimps. Legalizing prostitution would allow the government to regulate the activity to ensure that workers were willing, of legal age and disease free.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • Prostitution as business will continue whether it is legalized or not.

    Yes I agree that the prostitution should be legalized in effort to solve the problem of illicit sex trafficking. Whether we agree or not, prostitution as a money-making business will keep running whether it is legalized or not. Legalizing prostitution will not only help to solve the problem of illicit sex trafficking but also it will help to solve various other problems. Prostitution can be managed in much better way as it is done today. There are countries in the world where the prostitution has been legalized. Also legalizing the prostitution would help in the safety of sex workers and customers.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Prostitution should be legalized because it would then fall under the jurisdiction of all federal safety and health regulations like all other businesses.

    Prostitution, if legalized, would become subject to all federal regulations pertaining to any business or company. It would be subject to all health codes and safety issues. It is obviously a profession that will continue regardless of legality so I say why not legalize it and put it under the thumb of federal regulations, health codes, safety codes, and under the IRS as a taxable profession.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Legalizing prostitution will help to solve the problem sex trafficking because it would make prostitutes easily available to those who want them.

    Making something illegal won't prevent people from wanting it, or trying to get it. If prostitution was legalized and regulated, those who wanted to seek this service could do so safely, instead of the risk they incur doing so by illegal means. If they had legal access to this service, it would reduce the need/demand for trafficking and forcing people to participate in these acts.

    Posted by: CestbardeI
  • I think we should take an example from France and legalize prostitution.

    Prostitution should be legalized. That way, certain standards could be placed on it. A medical record would be required, and a full record of activities. The government would also be able to tax the trade, and generate income for the state. If it were legal, there would be more requirements, keeping it as ethical as possible.

    Posted by: EIIioChatty
  • You should never sell your body for money.

    Exploiting your body for money is not a healthy or moral thing to do. If you get pregnant then you will have a kid that you will keep and have a horrible life. These kids are often given up for adoption or lost to abortion. Either way this isn't fair.

  • Legalizing Prostitution Does not Stop the Harm.

    "As Amsterdam began shutting down its legal brothels a few years ago, Mayor Job Cohen acknowledged that the Dutch had been wrong about legal prostitution. It did not make prostitution safer. Instead, he said, legal prostitution increased organized crime. It functioned like a magnet for pimps and punters. Trafficking increased after legal prostitution—80 per cent of women in Dutch prostitution have been trafficked."
    -Melissa Farley, The Real Harms of Prostitution

  • Future of Humans

    I have a simple answer as to why I don't believe in legalizing prostitution. Humans are evolving, we are becoming more accepting of other races and religions, allowing things that in the past seemed never to be possible. So the argument that prostitution has been around forever means that it will always be the case is a poor one. We have the power to become a more intelligent and civilized people. Only we can set the standards, so set them high!

  • While it may lower the amount of illicit sex trafficking, prostitution is morally wrong, and it should not be legalized.

    Prostitution is morally wrong. I am not a religious person, but I can tell you that I do not want my daughters to grow up thinking of that as an option for a career. Even if it were legalized, there would be plenty of people that would do it illegally anyway.

    Posted by: ChangeableKieth31
  • Prostitution should be legalized for many reasons, but solving the illicit sex trafficking problem is not one of them.

    Prostitution should be legalized for many reasons, but solving the illicit sex trafficking problem is not one of them. The illicit sex trafficking problem stems from many activities that legalized prostitution just wouldn't touch. For instance, legalized prostitution wouldn't solve the sex trafficking in under-aged individuals, since this would still remain illegal. It also wouldn't solve the economic side of the issue. Since sex trafficking is an illegal underground activity, it is not subject to minimum wage laws. In essence many victims of sex trafficking are effectively slaves working to simply stay alive. Legal prostitution would just be too expensive an alternative to really fix problem.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Legalizing prostitution does not address the basic issue of treating people as objects that are being used for financial gain.

    Prostitution is wrong, because sex is used for monetary gain, not for the person themselves, but for someone else. Legalizing prostitution just puts the gain in the hands of a different pimp. No matter how it is perpetuated, the institution of prostitution devalues the humanity of the participant. Especially in the United States, the individual is considered of value, and prostitution takes away this value, making him/her a product, rather than a person. That should never be legal.

    Posted by: LovingRosendo70
  • I oppose the legalization of prostitution and do not think it could solve the problem of illicit sex trafficking, because sex trafficking tends to focus on different groups.

    Most sex traffickers focus on bringing over young girls, under the age of eighteen, and specific ethnic groups. Legalizing prostitution would not solve this problem, because the prostitutes would not fit these categories. Plus, the numbers of prostitutes probably would not go up that much, because most women do not actually want to sell themselves, if they have a choice.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • No, because two wrongs don't make a right, when it comes to crime.

    Legalizing prostitution in an attempt to solve the problem of illicit sex trafficking will not do any good. The people who are involved in sex trafficking are looking to sell more than sex. The women they abduct and market are basically slaves. Prostitution is a single act of sex, and doesn't result in a woman being held captive. Allowing the lesser of two evils to become legal isn't doing anyone any good.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Prostitution should not be legalized, because it would bring it the status of a moral profession.

    Considering that prostitution is illegal right now, by legalizing it, it would show everyone that prostitution is a moral profession, since lawmakers would have to give their approval of it. This would in turn make many others want to turn to this profession more then they do now. This is a pretty high negative to me, and I also feel that illicit sex trafficking would still exist in a different form.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I oppose legalized prostitution because a lot of teenage girls are already acting like prostitutes.

    I think that a lot of young girls these days are trying to act like prostitutes because they lack self confidence. If they see in the news that it is legalized they will be able to have evidence that it is ok. I don't think it will ever be legalized for that reason.

    Posted by: SpuffyOlag

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