Should prostitution be legalized so that there isn't an industry for sex tourism?

  • Protitutes R Kool

    My mother is a prostitute and I am the result of a work related accident. Without prostitution I would never have been born and my mother would not have been able to support me and my brother with the comfortable lifestyle we've become accustomed to. Legalize prostitution because its the right thing to do.

  • Revenue increases / crime decreases

    If it is legalized the amount spent on law enforcement decreases and revenue raises when you treat prostitutes as the working class and as such must pay taxes. Also government involvement ensures that the John is safer as well as the prostitute and deters the exploitation by pimps towards the prostitutes.

  • Prostitution will exist, whether it is legal or not, so why not legalize it, so that it can be regulated to make it safer for all involved?

    It is called the oldest profession for a reason. Prostitution will always exist, whether it is sanctioned by society or not. It's a bit like prohibition and, if left illegal, it is an industry that will operate with crooked and dangerous ethics, just like the moonshine industry during prohibition. If this industry is left in the hands of criminals, it will only continue to be dangerous and be the cause of many crimes, destroyed lives, and death.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • The fact that prostitution is widely illegal has not deterred it from happening, while legalization would allow law enforcement to focus on more pertinent issues.

    By legalizing prostitution, you would alleviate the court system from having to deal with participants clogging up our jails, and allow them to concentrate on real criminals. Once legalized, you can greatly eliminate having unwilling participants being forced into a life of prostitution, and make it an industry of consenting adults only.

    Posted by: HospitableEdgar46
  • Yes, prostitution should be legalized so as to have better control over it.

    Europe has legalized prostitution, and it seems to be working fine for them. Why not do that in the United States as well? This would save money in court costs, jailing the prostitutes and the johns, and the cost of fighting the crime. Another benefit would be law enforcement's ability to monitor the prostitutes and cut down on diseases.

    Posted by: NabyR4y
  • Prostitution should be legalized.

    Prostitution should be legalized to reduce the sex tourism industry. An added benefit of legalized prostitution is regulating who can be a prostitute, eliminating the child prostitutes. Legalized prostitution could be taxed as a service and the individual prostitutes would have to pay income tax on their earnings. Finally, legalized prostitution would eliminate the people who exploit prostitutes.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Morally, I cannot say yes to this statement as sex for money is not only a moral issue, but a health and safety issue.

    Legalizing prostitution would increase the supply of the services and reduce the cost of those services, which would actually increase the industry. The only way that this would reduce the sex tourism industry is if supply became so high that it severely outweighed demand. The affect that this increased supply and business would have on individuals health and safety though is a major issue. Certainly, a legalized industry could be more closely regulated and not have to "live in the dark", as is the current situation. But because of the close bodily contact there is still an increased risk for health and safety issues such as violence and diseases. This would also drive up the cost of health care, thus requiring more taxes and a high cost of service to cover the additional care cost.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • Yes I believe that prostitution should be legalized and therefore the sex tourism industry would diminish.

    The sex tourism industry is based on supply and demand just like any other industry. If you legalize prostitution, then a close eye can be kept and diseases can be tested for, improving the health of both participants. Not only would diseases be diminished, but this would become a taxable income taking the burden of legal taxpayers who support the treatment of these diseases.

    Posted by: R4ddyI0rd
  • Prostitution should be legalized not only to curb sex tourism but also to bring it under the thumb of federal regulations related to any other business.

    Curbing sex tourism would be a good aspect to legalizing prostitution but I think there's a more important benefit to be gained from its legalization, safety. It prostitution were to become nationally legal it would then fall under all federal regulations and safety codes related to any other business. This, I feel, would bring safety to a somewhat dangerous profession consisting of robberies, STDs, and lucrative profits for "pimps". It would become a taxable profession that would bring more tax money to our government.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Yes, Prostitution should be legalized to reduce sex tourism.

    We all know the risks that come with sex tourism - tons of drugs and crime and societal repercussions. But if we legalize prostitution, the industry ultimately falls apart and there is no incentive for pimps to take advantage of women. Let the government be restrained and quit trying to police morality. We are a free people.

    Posted by: D Callahan
  • Legal prostitution will increase the number of suicides.

    The majority of the people involved in the prostitution are street youth. Individuals who engage in prostitution more frequently report histories of childhood abuse, particularly sexual abuse. Additionally, individuals who enter into prostitution as juveniles, especially those with stories of abuse are most likely to have been forced into sex trade. They are frequently found to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression (Kidd). Suicide comes when those people who had been extremely physically and mentally damaged think there is no other way to escape from that kind of life. That is the time where they find suicide the only exit.

  • I think prostitution should be legalized for the sake of the people involved, not for any tourism reasons.

    If prostitution is legalized, it should be for the protection and health of sex industry workers. It should not be because of tourism reasons, as these reasons are superficial. The real reasons go much deeper than preventing sex tourism. Prostitution needs to be legalized, so that health, safety and well-being can be protected, and not exploited, as it currently is.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Prostitution should remain illegal because sex spreads disease.

    Prostitution was initially made illegal for moral reasons. However, now it is in society's interest to keep sex for pay illegal to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease. If prostitution were made legal, there is the real possibility that there would be an increase in the spread of disease. There is no evidence that legalizing prostitution would end the sex tourism industry.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • No, I disagree that prostitution should be legalized to stop sex tourism, because it would actually cause sexual crimes and more issues to rise.

    I disagree that prostitution should be legalized to stop sex tourism, because it would cause more harm than good. If it was legal to prostitute, the children of the world would see it and think it is acceptable. What possible guidelines could there be that would make a bit of sense? You can be a prostitute if you are a graduate, dropout, or homeless person. It doesn't make sense. It is gross, and most prostitutes are carriers of disease and are drug addicts. Making prostitution legal is a sure fire way to increase rape, disease, and crime rates, not to mention drug use.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Prostitution should not be legalized as it would encourage promiscuity.

    Prostitution should definitely not be legalized for any reason. To do so would invite promiscuity and encourage unhealthy behavior from young adults who would tend to make use of this 'service', while they wouldn't if it remained illegal. We have to keep the line drawn to teach young people that sex is not a hobby or sport, but something that should be confined to true, personal relationships.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • I oppose legalizing prostitution, we already have legalized strip clubs and those alone bring down the value of humanity.

    Legalizing prostitution does not seem like the answer to making it safer or making sex tourism industry lessen. At this present time, we have legalized clubs in which females and males can strip naked for money. This is can lead to illegal activities such as prostitution. Rules are constantly broken in strip clubs such as their "don't touch" policies so why wouldn't rules be broken in legalized prostitution. I think the divorce rate as well as the HIV and STD rates would increase with the easy availability of sex. Once its legal to pay for sex then why wouldn't the next step be for people to want to pay for unsafe sex. I say no!

    Posted by: BraK00l
  • No just because you make prostitution legal doesn't mean that this will reduce issues it could cause more.

    If prostitution becomes legal there will be more men who will want to engage in it. Making something legal also attracts more people to it because it starts getting more attention all of the sudden. The only thing that wont happen if it is legal is that people wont be taken to jail for getting involved in it and they should because selling your body is not something that should be legalized.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • I don't believe that legalizing prostitution would affect the sex tourism industry negatively. I believe it would be positive and would increase the sex tourism industry.

    I don't believe that legalizing prostitution would impact the sex tourism industry negatively. I believe it would have a positive effect by taking away the stigma associated with prostitution and the fear of criminal penalty. Plus it would possibly create an increase of sex tourism businesses because the fear of criminal penalty for the operators would be removed.

    Posted by: TasticBran

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