• It's not going anywhere, so we might as well regulate it.

    There's a reason prostitution has been known as "the oldest profession." Prostitutes exist in almost every culture, and there's no indication that they will ever go away. Lack of legalization causes a lot of people to get arrested for an activity that, realistically, hurts no-one. Only through lack of legalization can prostitution be used to actively hurt people, as it provides organized criminals with a source of funding. Furthermore, the women and men involved in prostitution lead dangerous lives. Prostitutes are killed so disproportionally often it's almost become a pop-culture trope.

    Legalization would lead to regulation, which would lead to lives and safer and cleaner practices to prevent disease from spreading.

  • Please Consider This:

    Some say prostitution is dangerous, all the while we tune in to watch UFC fighters bludgeon each other stupid, football players ruin their bodies, and eventually lives, and models slingshot their weight by the double digits a month to meet demands.

    Some say it's degrading, but by this logic so is modeling, after all, you're only worth your body, right? Prostitution and pornography are identical with the exception that one is made for media reproduction, yet one is legal and one is not.

    Society shouldn't be concerned with WHY two consensual adults have sex, nor should society be concerned with WHO the two consensual adults are. If monetary gain is the cause of it, so be it.

    Much like sex in general, prostitution cannot be banned, made illegal, or controlled at any reasonable level.

    Sex education helps educate and regulate the ignorant of proper, healthy ways to have sex. In the same regard, we must regulate, educate and remove the societal impositions placed on prostitution if there is ever to be improvement in that realm.

  • Yes it should be legal for adults

    Too much time is spent arresting prostitutes of either gender. My only problem is that I have to know it would still be illegal for minors to engage in prostitution. It is the world's oldest profession and it is not going to go away. I do not care what 2 consenting adults do sexually. As far as I am concerned the police have more pressing issues to deal with.

  • There isn't anything wrong with it.

    Legalizing it will mostly improve our situation, actually.
    -It can decrease STDs
    -Prostitutes can be given proper working conditions and treated with more respect
    -Legal just means that the terrible gangs involved won't get the power and money they want
    We should go step by step to begin legalizing it, probably not immediately legalize it.

  • Yes, it should be.

    I would respond by counterattacking each and every opinion of the opposition. Making prostitution legal indeed means that sexual satisfaction can be payed for. However, it is stupid to declare that it would bring down society's romantic and social improvement. Not everybody hires prostitues. Don't like prostitutes? Don't rent them. If one wishes to stick with the social norm of building up a relationship and make true love, they have all the freedom in the world to do so, as much as prostitues have all the freedom in the world to do their job. Prostitution is an excellent job because it both earns a huge sum of money and at the same time attains pleasure.

    No, it does not degrade the prostiture or the client. I don't even need to explain why, it's very obvious. The client spent money to rent the prostitute in order to have pleasure that would bring happiness to the mind and emotion, and physical pleasure. Women are given the option to be or not to be a prostitute, which means that it will not drive women away from worthwhile and what society calls "proper" careers.

    Prostitution is not a crime as it does not trespass anybody's property or cause whatever harm to innocent people. So what if there are a billion more productive businesses to invest in? So what? Making prostitution legal wouldn't mean that every single women in the world including your mothers and grandmothers would start acting like prostitues. To put it bluntly, it is stupidity to think so and it's too bad stupidity isn't painful. For men to treat every single women as a prostitute is an entirely different problem. Men should have the common sense not to treat those aren't prostitutes as one. Prostitution, is is no way, universally wrong.

    In the case of youths following the steps and coming upon the realization that the profession would earn them huge amounts of money and physical pleasure, and perhaps even friends, that is an entirely different discussion related to parenthood. It entirely depends on the parents mindset, point of view, reasoning, understanding of the real world, society, and other related factors. As per sexually transmitted diseases, the law has nothing to do with that. What we're talking about here is making prostitution legal. If a prostitute were to catch a sexually transmitted disease, then she should take responsibility for her actions and blame no one for she should already have an understanding of the dangers of sexual intercouse with many and various men. That's all there is to it.

  • It is up to you

    If an adult chooses to sell their body sexually for financial gain is their business and only should be regulated through tax and standard policy to ensure safety. The act itself should mot be illegal.

    The argument that it should be illegal because it exploits women is not valid as you can still have laws against exploitation seperate from the act itself.

  • Legalizing it would help keep people safe.

    Right now there are thousands of illegal prostitutes on the streets many with STDs and many others at risk of violence by gangs. First off legalizing it would allow us to contain some of the sexually transmitted diseases which many prostitutes fall victim to. Next on to violence: Right now prostitutes cannot call the police to report violence or else they risk being arrested. If it were legal than the police could actually get involved and protect these people. Obviously prostitution would still have problems but legalizing it is the best solution I can see.

  • Absolutely No: We would be degrading our morals

    Morally it's degrading our society. If we allow one crime to became legal, we are setting our selves up for tolerating other crimes. If you consider prositution just a business then think about this: there are a billion more productive businesses to invest in.

    Opening the door to prostitution makes it acceptable for women to be treated in such a manner, women to go in that profession, and men to choose to treat women im that way. Overall we would be corrupting our society because we would be holding ourselves to a lower standard.

    Even if prositution is everywhere, it doesn't make it okay. That's like saying murder is okay because it's everywhere so we shouldn't control it. Even though murder and prostitution are two completely different crmes, they are both crimes and both universally wrong.

  • Negative to society

    Prostitution is poisonous to society for the following reasons:

    1. It means that sexual satisfaction can be payed for, which means that there is less of an incentive for people to improve socially and romantically in order to reproduce. It stifles self-improvement.

    2. It degrades both the prostitute and the client to a level where they are having sex for base pleasure with no emotional aspect whatsoever.

    3. It can, as a potentially lucrative profession, lure desirable women from more worthwhile careers.

  • I think not.

    It's not only degrading to women as a whole, but is demeaning and extremely dangerous. I believe it would be harmful to both society and our children to have it legalized. Instead, they should be cracking down more on both offenders of the crime, and pressing heavier consequences about it.

  • It degrades women enough already

    You may say they'd be safer from contracting STD's, however, it is what they are signing up for, they know what they're getting themselves into. Prostitution costs thousands of dollars, so you want our government to be making that much money off of sex? Women selling their bodies, men complying to it, two wrongs. It would be a horrible influence on children, cigarettes already are. Sex is already overexposed to kids these days, it would damage their brains even more. I can't believe more are for this than against it, it's immorally wrong, and legalizing something doesn't decrease it or make it decline how illogical is that! Cough cough abortion legalization cough cough.

  • It's overall a negative thing

    Prostitution, if legal, would become easy money for women. This would mean that women with low prospects (or worse, high ones) could grow up planning a career in prostitution. And of course, in doing so, they'd expose themselves to many unforeseen risks. I'm not convinced that men who respect women go to prostitutes, or men with particularly healthy sexual fantasies.

    Sex should not be sold as a good either. Firstly, because it isn't one - it's a way of producing children, and a human experience. There are very few things that you don't have to pay for nowadays, sex being one of them. All you need, really, to have decent sex is good looks or some other positively defining characteristic. From a personal level, I feel like prostitution would ruin that. It'd also be very hard to tax, so the country would lose a lot of money to illegal goings on.

    When the door to prostitution is open, there would also be increased pressure on women to go down that road. It's not something most people consider, but if legalised in a, presumably, very high profile way, everyone would think of it as an option. "Go on Charlie, earn us that little extra cash?" "Oh Shannon, do you really want to deny the kids *insert Christmas present*". I think it would lead TK rich men essentially buying rich women which would be a disaster in itself.

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