Should Prostitution Tolerance Zones like Red-Light Districts Be Created?

  • There must be a town only for them.

    If prostitution is out of control, they must be separated from normal societies especially the religious societies, it does not mean that they are not allowed to go in and out. It means that protitutes on duty must remain in their town and adults are welcome. If they want to enter a normal society the are welcomed if they act or dress as normal people.

  • Prostitution taking place is inevitable.

    The only question is how to deal with it. Geographically concentrating it means that it's less spread out across less preferred areas (where there could be children). Also the workers themselves can be cared for in legitimate employment, with a stable income. Another point is that the networks that employ the prostitutes can be monitored to ensure legality, thus ensuring their safety.

  • Prostitutes often need help

    Prostitution is a gray area in terms of political thought; while, on the one hand, there's nothing wrong with a person (of either gender) choosing to use their body in certain ways in any kind of relationship, on the other, prostitutes are frequently victims of severe abuse (or even slavery). Red light districts allow prostitutes to choose their livelihood while, at the same time, continuing to help those who don't truly have the choice.

  • Red-light districts should be legally created.

    Prostitution tolerance zones and "red-light districts" should not be legally created. The girls who are subjected to prostitution are more often than not coerced into selling their bodies for money. Instead, there should be increased law enforcement in charge of disbanding these prostitution circles. Hereby saving these girls from the human trafficking ring.

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