• Protect our endangered animals.

    Protecting endangered animals should be a government priority because all of these animals have an important role in the food chain and cycle of life. Certain sea creatures allow us to eat more seafood, the bee population helps produce our food, and even wolves help keep tree roots warm by sleeping around the trunks in bundles. Every creature has a role on earth, and the government needs to especially protect the ones that are in danger of disappearing.

  • Govenments need to account for endanged species,

    I think that all governments should protect the endangered species in their state or country because it is partially their responsibility to make sure that the animals that are on the endangered species list are healthy and able to maintain living in a comfortable environment for future generations of the species and also so that future generations of humans can enjoy them as well.

  • This shouldn’t even be a question

    This should automatically be acknowledged with the government as an issue after all, on the IUCN Red List, there are 16,306 endangered species. This is absurd, this is around 83 species per county that are endanger and close to extinction. Myself and others find this very upsetting and believe that it should not have got to this point.

  • Protect. Animals. Government.

    Those three words are very important. They tell us that people care about animals. That we want them to be protected and shown care and respect. I understand why the people on the opposite side believe animals aren't important. And I respect that. But, people should still be thinking about the animals of the world. They are very important, and should be cared for. We are already gonna lose the white rhino. So, let's do something for animals. Send donations to sanctuaries. Clean the garbage on beaches and in your own neighborhood. It may not sound like much, but in on itself, you are doing a good thing!

  • We need less of a new endangered species

    The endangered species are Gods creation and it's dying I don't think that is what he wants for the world God said that we will have a new world and thre will be no sin no more death or pain so I think we should be taking care of Gods creation.......... And I'm only 12😀

  • Yes, we need biodiversity.

    Yes, I do believe that protecting endangered animals should be a major priority of a government. Animals are a very important part of life. We need to preserve the many different types of unique animals so that people born in the future can know them and love them the way that we do. There are also many animals whose existence is helpful for us, such as honeybees.

  • Yes, protecting them should be a government priority.

    Protection of endangered animals in very important in the world. We may have some use or need for these animals in the coming years when we discover new things. These endangered animals should be kept safe in a natural environment and also try to encourage breeding to help the species survive.

  • No protecting endangered species should not be a governmental priority.

    Without doubt the need to protect animals on the endangered species list is important, it should not be a governmental priority in this age of limited funding resources. The protection activities for endangered animals needs to be included as a standard operation function of the proper enforcement agency. It should not be a priority funding item.

  • Yes and no

    While governments should make an effort to protect endangered species they should not make it a priority mainly for 2 reasons

    1. Actively going out and trying to coddle a dying race back to life ultimately changes that race and makes them dependent on human intervention. This is simply against the natural order of things, it inhibits Darwinism to take place. Animals should be adapting to the changing world and if the ones who are not will naturally grow weaker and weaker. To spend effort and money on helping these animals is doing nothing but prolonging the extinction. In order to help an endangered species you have to put it into contained area where you can protect them from death (depending on the severity). The alternative would be to go in and try to help the environment that they live in, but of course the underline causes for there dying out will still be there, simply set back a short while. Animals who are put into captivity stop becoming independent and lose what actually makes them that animal in all but appearance.

    While its helpful to, for instance, try and stop whaling and pollution, it should not be a government priority. The government at its heart has one job, to protect and serve its citizens. The people of america need to remain the priority. We can focus on the animals when people stop dying in the streets of starvation and deal with our other million problems that are much more important

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