Should protestors be allowed at Obama's inauguration?

  • First Amendment Free Speech

    The First Amendment right to free speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble is guaranteed. Protesting the inauguration should be allowed as long as they don't interrupt the ceremony. All of America is on parade every four years when a president begins his or her term. As such, protesting should be on the day's agenda.

  • Yes, I think that protesters should be allowed at Obama’s inauguration.

    Yes, I think that protesters should be allowed at Obama’s inauguration. America is a country founded on the principle
    of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech
    should apply to all of us, from the rich and powerful, to the poor and
    weak. People should be allowed to
    assemble peacefully and protest anything.

  • Not In But Around

    I believe if someone wanted to protest at Obama's inauguration then they should be allowed to. However, they shouldn't expect to do this inside or on the same grounds. I think it would be best to place yourself on the opposing street, out of the way. Protests are suppose to be legal, if they're peaceful, we just have to redefine how politically correct we can be.

  • Yes, why wouldn't they?

    I am certainly no fan of Obama, but I'd allow protestors to protest at any president's inauguration, it's a part of our freedoms and shouldn't be suppressed. There were plenty at Bush's inauguration, to pretend that all are fine with Obama's handling of things is preposterous.

  • We Have the Right to Assemble

    Regardless of your feelings about Obama, you can't deny that we are legally allowed the right to assemble. If people can assemble to protest at a soldier's funeral over and over again, then why should we stop people who are (hopefully) protesting peacefully? It's probably not a good reason to protest, but that isn't really the issue, is it?

  • YES

    Unlike some people in Congress seem to believe, I do not hold with the idea that the First Amendment should be held to certain zones. I believe that the idea to freedom of speech, expression, and the right to protest is vital to a free society.

    I recognize that the First Amendment must have certain reasonable limitations and that the decorum of the ceremony must be upheld. However, I do not believe that allowing people to protest will necessarily be disruptive to the overall ceremony. So, yes, I do believe that people should be allowed to protest.

  • Protestors should not be allowed at Obama's Inauguration

    There is no good reason why protestors should be allowed at the upcoming inauguration. Like it or not, Obama is our elected president. The majority has voted and protesting of any kind will not change that fact. At this point in time we should be trying to move ahead with the next 4 years instead of causing more friction.

  • No Protestors at Inauguration

    In the United States you do have the right to protest if you feel strongly. However, this right normally has space limits. For example you cannot protest a certain amount of feet from a funeral or the Supreme Court building. If you want to protest then fine, but not right by the inauguration.

  • Protestors should not be allowed at Obama's inauguration.

    Protestors should not be allowed at Obama's inauguration. I have always believed that if you do not believe in something or have a problem with something then it is best to stay as far away from it as you can. They should not allow anybody to protest at the Presidents inauguration ever.

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