Should provoked punching (like at an insult or a fight) be punished harshly or not?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • I think quite frankly a lot of this is rooted in racist nonsense; and it's unfair

    Punishing a fight is just nothing more than the white man trying to protect his women, family and children from other race. Ridiculous. No one is perfect. Things tick us, and sometimes we gotta fight back. Why not have a restraining order. Some punka-- tries with me, obviously it's justified that one is gonna punch them back.

    It's not like murder. Of course, I don't excuse assault. But have a restraining order, make manditory anger management classes if you have to. Don't punish a street fight that didn't use weapons with severe felony and punishment. It's nonsense. The "victims" of street fights are not always innocent. Make a restraining order against the two for a certain time, til they can rectify their beef.

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