• Who chooses what?

    We should have the freedom to decide whether we choose to ingest a substance or not. People won't stop doing drugs, providing a pure supply only keeps people safe. If they were legal there would be A LOT more information and studies performed in order to get a better understanding.

  • From my Extensive Personal Experience

    I have taken psychedelics approximately 50 times and I have never had a bad trip, never had any adverse side effects and I feel I am more balanced and relaxed than before I had taken them.
    I have had a difficult life and my psychedelic experiences helped me to understand how the various traumatic experiences and general unhappiness I have suffered throughout my life had made me into a bad person and it has helped put me on a path of self improvement. I am still very depressed but I feel more in control of my life and my mental state, and have started letting go of the anger that used to consume me. It is impossible to say how my life would have turned out if I had never taken these drugs but I was heading down a bad road and really needed the change of perspective. Plus they are just fun, you can have totally different experience listening to music or playing videogames or doing whatever you enjoy and even if you are normal and happy it can give you a great time and leave you with a fresh outlook for a while.

  • Must Be Legal

    It's only honorable to ourselves as a race to provide the option of experience such as a psychedelic one. To discover all that there is to discover within in ourselves and the world around us is what humans have done for as long as we've been capable of assembling cohesive thoughts. Psychedelics ate the tools that allow us to grow from old paradigms, and better our knowledge of ourselves.

  • Psychedelics Help us

    Psychedelics can help us as people. Psychedelics were used hundreds to thousands of years ago by natives for religious reasoning. Many people report being able to understand the system of life and often learn these things that do and don't work in the system. We now even use them for psychiatric therapy for traumatized people that were in wars or have had a traumatizing event happen in their life. Now i know that a lot of people would never even think of a drug as a possible medicine but I believe that psychedelics have and will continue to help people that could use it for certain purposes.

  • Yes - they lack the danger of highly addictive substances

    Yes they should. Psychedelics are non-addictive, and as such they lack the social problems associated with more addictive substances such as heroin, cocaine, meth, which thanks to their addiction ruin lives, drive up crime, etc. In contrast, psychedelics are very easy to quit using, and most people who use them eventually quit on their own after the novelty wears off.

    By keeping them illegal, it only fosters an underground economy that encourages crime, and where quality and safety of these substances cannot be guaranteed.

    Yes there is still the possibility of abuse, but abuse is already happening. At least if they were made legal they could be regulated.

  • Yes, these drugs are fairly safe compared to other recreational drugs and are useful tools for self exploration

    Psychedelics encompass a wide variety of drugs, including mushrooms, cacti, and synthetic drugs such as LSD. Statistically speaking, these drugs cause far less physical harm(if any) to the individual and economic harm to society compared to alcohol or other illegal drugs. Biologically speaking they tend to be fairly benign with most major risks coming from irresponsible use or inexperienced users not understanding the importance of set and setting. Setting up a legal and regulated system of dispensing these drugs so which can also serve as an objective source of information regarding these drugs is key to limiting the dangers of these drugs. Psychedelics tend to be non habit forming due to their tendencies to rapidly cause tolerance with repeat use, greatly diminishing the effects. They do not tend to cause any physical withdraw symptoms. In fact, many people find that psychedelic use can be a very useful tool for cessation of drugs of addiction, a stance which happened to be held by Bill W., one of the founders Alcoholics Anonymous. Many of the users of psychedelic drugs have held the opinion that while potentially recreational, psychedelic experiences have the potential to provide a spiritually or even significant religious experience, something which can be seen in cultures all over the world throughout human history.

  • Yes, psychedelics should be totally legal.

    The main thing is that humans should have the right to ingest whatever they want to. No one should be allowed to regulate what another person chooses to eat for sustenance or for recreation. Legalizing would cut down on drug-related crime and take people out of prison who are there for non-violent offenses. As far as the danger of psychedelics, yes, there are some notable risks and warnings, just as there are with any drug, legal or otherwise. With proper drug education in the schools, rather than the current lies, people will be able to make good educated decisions on what is best for them. People who have metal issues or a family history of mental issues should avoid psychedelics, unless under supervision from a professional. Psychedelics have a much smaller chance of severely harming someone than most legal drugs do, and many psychedelics have such a high lethal dose, it would be almost impossible to overdose to the point of death. There have been zero fatal overdoses from any of the classic psychedelics, as compared to legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, which kill hundreds of thousands of people on a yearly basis. The tolerance set in by these drugs also makes it impossible to become dependent on them, as you can only get effects from them after spaces of 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the drug.

  • They will help humanity grow its current stage of development.

    Psychedelics are an exceptional class of substances with enormous potential for medicinal, spiritual, recreational, scientific and social uses. Despite the allegations for negative side effects, most of witch have being refuted, I believe that once the psychedelics are successfully integrated into society they will be beneficial to all members of any community. Overcoming many of society's current problems with the help of psychedelics is possible, as long as they are treated with respect and caution.

  • Under Supervision In Licensed Salons

    People will do what they do. It can either be underground where the people are running amuck hallucinating, or we can license psychedelic salons where people can use under the supervision of professionals trained to handle people who are high on drugs. Allowing them to buy these drugs there also allows the government to regulate for purity and guarantee correct labeling as to dosage and correct information on what the person is likely to experience.
    Another thing to is that some people do find psychological and spiritual benefits from using these drugs. Some salons may primarily be recreational-focused, while others may offer services involving deep introspection. During the war on drugs researchers have shied away from these drugs. Legalizing them in safe settings may open the door to new insights that will help to guide future research and expand our knowledge of psychopharmocology.

  • They are the safest drugs

    Unlike dangerous, yet legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, psychedelics such as LSD have actually been proven to be quite safe. They are not addictive at all, in fact they can be used to treat addiction. They are not toxic or harmful to your body, in fact they’re less toxic and lethal than caffeine. It is so hard to overdose, users need to take over 100 times a normal dose to actually have a chance of dying. I believe that people should have the freedom to use these substances in a safe environment, as they have so much beneficial effects and make you a kind, open minded person. It just doesn’t make sense to be considered a criminal for consuming psychedelics. If taken in a simple, yet responsible way, it is practically impossible to cause harm to yourself or others under the influence of any psychedelic. That’s why psychedelics should be legalized.

  • No, they should stay illegal

    Drug that cause people to hallucinate and see things as they are not are very dangerous. we have no system of regulating them or of monitoring peoples use. Even under proper supervision these drugs pose a danger to the user and people around them. These drugs can cause permanent damage to the peoples using them.

  • The risk of mental illness is too high

    Whilst light recreational use is likely tolerated by many, persons with a vulnerability to mental illness or undiagnosed mental health issues that cause people to self medicate may use LSD/Cannabis and trigger life long psychosis or schizophrenia.
    I am not being disproportionate as I work in a mental health unit and some of the most unwell patients have been exposed to LSD or cannabis. The hallucination and delusions are very resistant to treatment in a small minority and seem to be stable and likely lifelong.
    It is debatable that this was due to the illness and self medicating played no part, however, a recent admission has been discharged and returned several times, each time he has smoked Cannabis and become psychotic. There is no doubt in my mind that psychedelic drugs effect some people so profoundly that it will cause them lifelong suffering.
    I could not at this point advocate general legalisation, perhaps they could be licensed and provided via a pharmacy with trained staff undertaking assessments of users as a condition of sale.

  • No, BUT...

    I don't think they should be criminalized either; they should be treated as health issues. I see no good reason to keep people who tried LSD one time at a party and were unlucky enough to get caught in the same prison cells as murderers. As for softer drugs like weed, I think that they should be legal.

  • No, these drugs should remain illegal.

    Psychedelic drugs are dangerous, which is one of the reasons they are not legal to use. They can cause severe hallucinations and other mental impairments that may be impossible to reverse. Making the drugs legal will make them just as accessible to people as cigarettes and alcohol. Those who have issues with drug addiction may start using the drugs along with other substances, which could rove to be very detrimental.

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WillCox says2014-01-05T21:54:40.930
Legal stipulations are made in the US allowing for members of certain recognized Native American groups (primarily the Native American Church) the use of peyote.... I'm not saying the existing law automatically applies for everyone, but it should constitutionally, as the law sets precedence for the legitimacy of psychedelic practices as religious. In The Religious Freedom Act of 1994 the use of peyote is referred to more than once as a religious practice.

If a practice has demonstrable religious significance, it should be protected under the first amendment for ALL citizens. Whether or not we come from a background with an existing tradition of the practice is not a determining factor in whether or not the practice IS religious and should therefore be protected.

We don't have freedom of religion in the United States. We have freedom of pre-approved religious club affiliation.
WillCox says2014-01-05T21:55:56.620
I tried to post that with my vote, but it wouldn't show up.
Kreakin says2014-06-13T00:35:42.570
Amazing how much BS there is on this topic. I can only assume that one maybe two people that voted have ever tried LSD. It's one of the most powerful substances known to man. Low microgram doses severley disrupt perception centers in the brain and to varying degrees change them permenantly. You just get used to seeing odd patterns etc but you are never the way you were.
Sir_Kurtock says2016-03-26T12:24:22.610
...Just anormal people takes drugs because they're sick, of course drugs can help you in a bad situation but just when is recomended or adviced by a doctor .

It's unfortunate that they had to experience such a thing. However, it sad that others don't take such events seriously, all because they didn't personally experience it themselves