Should psychedelic drugs be made legal for use by the adult population, through regulated outlets that provide a controlled environment in which to use them?

Asked by: mrsatan
Should psychedelic drugs be made legal for use by the adult population, through regulated outlets that provide a controlled environment in which to use them?
  • What you do in your home.

    What you do in your own home is your OWN business.
    Regulated outlets and a controlled environment is key.
    Hopefully this includes Marijuana within the "psychedelic" category.
    This will never happen. Of course, there's federal and state regulations.
    Maybe some counties in the much much much more liberal states would consider such a proposition; but I don't see this happening.

  • While psychedelics can be dangerous, due to their effects on the mind, they pose no danger in a safe, controlled environment.

    The can provide spiritual enlightenment as well. While not all thoughts one may have while using them can translate properly into reality, these are easily differentiated from those that can. Many people who experience a proper psychedelic trip gain a more positive outlook on life. A controlled environment would keep the rest of the population safe from someone having a "bad trip". A good trip, however, is a wonderful experience, that I feel everyone should be able to have if they want to.

  • Take the industry away from criminals.

    People will use psychedelic drugs drugs regardless of their legality, they should be free to use them in a safe environment. In terms of the long-term health effects, most psychedelics are the safest recreational drugs, much safer than alcohol and tobacco. As long as the drug market is controlled by criminal gangs it will remain completely unregulated.

    Posted by: LRC
  • Yes, if we are to be free.

    First of all, we should be able to have exclusive control over what goes into our body, as Adults over the age of 21. If we are old enough to understand the effects then we should be able to make the decision ourselves.

    Besides, psychedelics can actually be very beneficial and bring positive changes to oneself when used responsibly and when the user actually educates themselves beforehand on what to expect. Obviously kids should not be using them but adults over 21 should have this right.

  • No one should interfere with our adult choice with what we do with our bodies, be it that it hurts no one..

    No one should interfere with our adult choice to do with our bodies what we please, be it that it hurts no one..

    If it makes you feel good, relaxed, excited, inspired, creative, enthusiastic for life,, then what's the problem....?? Mind your own business, tax and regulate. (and help those with depressive illness's, terminal illness etc)

  • Psychedelics are a gateway to the basic human right of spiritual experience via altered states of consciousness!

    I strongly believe that psychedelics don't just get people "high"-- in fact calling a psychedelic trip a "high" is really a pet peeve of mine. The word "high" evokes thoughts of a temporary physical and emotional pleasure, an impermanent euphoria that allows one to have a good time at a party. A psychedelic trip, on the other hand, is much more than that... Under the correct conditions (set and setting) and with the right intentions, psychedelics can be extremely powerful tools which induce life-changing spiritual experiences which can change one's view of life and their place in the universe a full 180º by making people face themselves on a much deeper level than normal. In other words, psychedelics are effectively "anti-inflammatories for the ego", which as countless studies have shown make people more compassionate and loving toward others and feel better about their lives in general. Recent studies gradually beginning to pop up are repeatedly showing that psychedelics do not exacerbate mental illness, but in fact help treat it. Unless, of course, they are used in an irresponsible manner; however, one can also drive a vehicle in an irresponsible manner and crash, but that is no reason to ban driving because it is a very convenient form of transportation. I really think psychedelics need to be legalized. At least for research and therapeutic use, although I would appreciate seeing them legalized for spiritual and religious purposes as well. I believe they will do us a lot of good once people are able to accept them, as they may help us come to realize that we are really all part of the same bigger thing, and that love and compassion are infinitely more powerful than fear and hate.

  • Drugs should not be outlawed.

    I don't think drugs in general should be illegal, especially ones like psychedelics and marijuana. You have to ask yourself, why should drugs be illegal? The first thing that comes to mind is probably the health effects. Frankly, the government has no place in health choices of people. People ought to be able to do what they want with their bodies. There should be laws regulating the responsible use of controlled substances. There will always be a demand for drugs and there will always be a supply.

  • Stop wasting my tax money arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people who pose no threat to society.

    Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin are not physiologically addictive and therefore, in my opinion, pose less of a lifetime risk than legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. It is true that during a psychedelic "trip" a person may suffer complete loss of reasonable judgment and therefore should be in a controlled environment so that they do not pose a danger to himself or others at that time (although true danger is relatively rare).

    If the drug in question were heroin or crystal methamphetamine my answer would be no as these drugs have extremely deleterious health effects and are highly addictive from the first use, thereby posing grave danger to the user from the outset. Although the long-term psychological or psychiatric impact of having used psychedelic drugs are debated, it is generally accepted in the medical community at psychedelic drugs have no long-term physical effects. There are some who have observed that it can cause overt schizophrenia in people who already likely have subclinical disease. Therefore this regulated environment should contain a careful mental health screening.

    In this day and age when our public resources are so precious and limited, I don't think that these resources are well spent on law-enforcement and incarceration of those people who responsibly use psychedelic drugs and do not pose a threat to society.

    To be clear, I am not endorsing the use of psychedelic drugs. These drugs should be approached with extreme caution and trepidation, if at all. However, I also do not endorse the usage of tobacco, but do not think that we should pay to arrest and incarcerate people who use it.

  • It obviously should, and it can too

    Psychedelic drugs are only different than drugs deemed "acceptable" in our society by what their effects are. We say that alcohol- yes, it is a drug- and nicotine are both acceptable, yet psychedelics, which are arguably less harmful than booze or cigarettes due to lower addiction rates and fewer health complications, are labeled as exclusively for college dropouts and hippies. Anyways, prohibiting them causes a far greater toll on society than legalizing them would. It costs our prison and police systems millions of dollars annually to keep arresting psychedelic drug users and dealers when we could be using that money, which comes from our own pockets through taxes, into better educating children on safe drug use and providing genuine addicts with rehabilitation. Yes drugs do tend to have a negative toll on the body, but who are you to judge which drugs are acceptable and which aren't? The only reason why booze is legal is because after a failed prohibition we decided that banning it was silly and counter intuitive. If people voice these feelings today and the government listens, the same thing will happen and psychedelics will be legal too. We should support drug users in curing their problem, not by painting a substance as evil and sending them to prison for a mental illness. The problem is never the substance- people will always find a way to get it. The problem, my friends, is our attitudes towards drugs and addiction. Sorry if I have ranted, and if you've actually read this, thank you :)

  • No this is a bad idea.

    There's a few different views here for this one. However let me first say that I'm for "decriminalizing" these drugs to certain degrees though only for soft drugs like Marijuana. I don't think that if someone is caught with a joint they should do 5 years that sounds asinine to me, however this is not legalization because I don't believe we should allow the production and manufacture of these drugs which is what legalization would be.
    First there's the view of those who see this as smaller government. This question in particular doesn't advocate for that, hence the word "regulated" who regulates? Government does, so in terms of this viewpoint this would not shrink government as the government is basically saying "you can do meth/heroin or pot but you can only do these things where we tell you can." So no, this would not shrink government for anyone wanting that, I'm personally for government being smaller and out of people's lives more but this wouldn't be a result of legalizing and "regulating" these drugs through this method.
    2nd There's the view of those who just want government to permit us to be able to have drugs. There are some issues here as well. First and foremost, there's the fact that making these drugs legal for adults would mean no kids get them right? Well, one who's to say a state can't make its own laws and allow these drugs for citizens of the age of say 16 or so? This is an issue because of the fact you'd have kids getting into life-ruining drugs very early on meaning that they will be ruining their lives making them unproductive members of society which would eventually lead to a collapse of the country. The second, issue would lead to the same result but through a different method depending on the details of this question, for example who would sell the drugs to the adults? The government? Or a private business that's jut regulated? Regardless of this, kids underage still find ways to obtain these drugs, which will again just lead to the social collapse of the country.

  • The Manson Family

    It was a long time ago but I think that it is a good example of how psychedelic drugs can negatively impact "normal good people". Most of the people who joined Charles Manson early on were just there for some good ol' peace, love, happiness and a sense of belonging. They were "good people".

    Manson used LSD to manipulate and control them. Manson would routinely dole out LSD and encourage his followers to take it in large doses while he only took smaller doses or none at all. The reason he did this is so that his followers were completely out of their minds, while he could still control himself and be able have sex with them and spew his rhetoric to them. Because they were intoxicated on psychedelic drugs they were more open to his "ideas". He would do things like rearrange their furniture while they were passed out as a way to exude his power over them. He eventually was able to convince many of his followers to carry out murders and robberies in an attempt to start a race war.

    Psychedelic drugs are extremely dangerous because of the way they effect the mind and allow it to be easily manipulated.

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