Should psychedelic mushrooms be legal in the us?

Asked by: GOLDENgamer9000
  • One of the least harmful substances

    Unlike dangerous, yet legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, magic mushrooms (and other psychedelics) have actually been proven to be quite safe. They are not addictive at all, in fact they can treat addiction. They are not toxic or harmful to your body, in fact they’re less toxic than caffeine. I believe that people should have the freedom to use these substances in a safe environment, as they have so much beneficial effects and make you a kind, open minded person. It just doesn’t make sense to be considered a criminal for consuming psychedelics. If taken in a simple, yet responsible way, it is practically impossible to cause harm to yourself or others under the influence of any psychedelic. That’s why mushrooms and other psychedelics should be legalized.

  • The state should not interfere.

    Here are a few reasons:
    (1) The state should not have the right to interfere in my personal decision to take (or not take) recreational drugs.
    (2) Even if we accept that the state has justification to interfere, prohibition has been proven (with alcohol and now with drugs) to be a dismal failure.
    (3) If the subject mushrooms are the ones that were used for certain Native American ceremonies, this is an example of the state interfering with religion.

  • Too powerful of a drug

    Psychedelics in general are far too powerful a drug to be approved for use by the government. Alcohol and marijuana are more accepted because they are depressants and slow down your mind. Psychedelics can completely change your perception of reality. While they are not terrible for your own body, a person under the influence of psychedelics is dangerous to yourself and other people.

    Watch this video and tell me if psychedelics are safe (not NSFW, bit of language)

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