• Yes, it could save lives

    If the United States could afford it, it could probably save
    lives, and keep more children in the right track with early treatment. A
    psychiatrist in every school would be a professional to watch over children’s’ wellbeing.
    Problems would be caught while they were small, and many young people could be
    saved from difficult lives. Schools
    would become a safer and more harmonious environment, where bullying would
    diminish and achievement would soar. Unfortunately, such a program would be far
    too expensive.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe psychiatry should be more common in the United States. I believe we have made strides forward regarding health care but I believe we need to treat disorders of the mine just as thoroughly as we treat the body when something is wrong with it. Hopefully, we will in the future.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that the people in this profession do a whole lot of good for a lot of people, but that here in the US there is not all that many of them. I think that it should be more common so that a lot more people could be helped.

  • No, psychiatry is common enough.

    A few years ago, it seemed like it was fashionable to be "in therapy". There was an overabundance of listings for therapists and psychiatrists on everyone's Health Care Provider Network website. I believe psychiatry is common enough in the United States. I don't think this is a profession that will be seeing a lot of growth in the near future.

  • No, people need to leave each other's brains alone.

    Psychiatry is not something that should be more common in the United States because it is really, really expensive to maintain and is not a growing industry. People need to care for themselves, and I believe that this type of science should just double up with medical fields of science.

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