Should psychological harassment be a criminal offense?

  • Yes, it is equally as damaging as any other type of harassment.

    Psychological harassment has the ability to cause just as much, if not more, pain that physical or sexual harassment on a person and, of course, can lead to suicide or self-harm. The outcomes of both psychological and physiological torment are extremely serious and no one type of harassment is more criminal, regarding the perpetrator. Psychological attacks are made on the psychologically weak, just like physical attacks are. The results of physical abuse are to some extent psychological, similarly to the aftermath of psychological pain, which can be physical, due to cases of self-harm. They both bring about misery and oft times depression in the victim, thus psychological harassment is just as much a crime as any other harassment form.

  • Psychological Harassment- Just as Bad

    In my opinion, psychological and mental harassment can be just as bad as anything physical. When a person is harassed in this way, he or she is attacked and made vulnerable exactly in the sense of when it is physical. Anytime a person is abused in this matter, there should be a penalty. There are lifelong effects when a person is mentally harassed by someone else.

  • Psychological harassment be a criminal offense

    Psychological harassment is a criminal offense. Hurting someone mentally as well as physically is not a good thing in our society today. It brings on depression and can cause all sorts of violent outbursts. So to psychologically harass someone it should be made a criminal offense based on the grief that it causes.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe psychological harassment should be a criminal offense. Bullying is an excellent example of psychological harassment that is often witnessed by many people. When there are witnesses such acts then punishments should follow. There is no reason for one person to treat another like that in any forum, for any reason.

  • Yes, messing with one's mind should be a crime.

    Yes, psychological harassment can cause serious problems for the victim and, therefore, should be considered a crime. Some people can handle that kind of torture and others can't. For those that can't, sometimes the consequences are terrible. Some even kill themselves. There needs to be a set of laws that deals with this kind of issue.

  • No, because psychological harassment is different for everyone.

    It is different from physical harassment, or pain, because it is different for everyone, unlike physical pain which is mostly the same for people. Also, with anything psychological, you let it happen to yourself, you let it affect you, just like you are letting what i am saying right now anger you.

    Also, how could you measure psychological pain? It's not the same as physical, where you can see the bruises, broken bones etc.. But there is no set way to measure psychological pain. And without that there can be no baseline for a law of any kind.

  • Not unless it is very carefully and precisely defined, Laws shouldn't be guessing games

    The law should not be a guessing game. What counts as harrassment and what doesn't should be meticulously defined so that people will know what is legal and what is not. Anything less than meticulous clarification would be wrong. In some cases it might be more appropriate to have it be a civil rather than criminal offense.

  • The right to be offensive

    It would be extremely hypocritical to make "psychological harassment" (whatever that is supposed to mean) a criminal offense because you are turning words (or even hypothetically, symbollism) into violence. You are initiating physical conflict.

    What are the limits? Speech? Expressions? Gestures? What determines harassment? In what environment? How will you enforce this?

    With so many people getting upset about "cyberbullying" and SJWs wanting safe spaces from "misogynistic racist verbally abusive" people, freedom of speech would surely be threatened. It's my right to say what I want to say and your right to interpret it however you want, save for a threat, or encouragement of violence.

    There are many more solutions to actual bullying and verbal abuse than violence. Putting someone in jail for upsetting you is what always ought to be criminal.

    As for children being "psychologically harassed", I think there's something good about dishing it back out, even getting a little rough with each other, because they're kids. It's best for them to express their anger with each other and get used to dealing with a**holes, people they disagree with/don't like, etc. rather than bottle it up for months and do something way worse. Also, they learn to handle social issues for THEMSELVES rather than relying on the police! The police are not babysitters. They exist to prevent acts of violence.

    People who are taught to take no crap will always thrive over those who can be hurt by words. "Sticks and stones"

    And for god's sake, if your child is depressed over something someone said or did on the internet, you're doing something wrong.

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