• Yes and no.

    If psychology should be mandatory then they need to reform the subject otherwise it is one step away from pseudoscience. Psychology should only stick to concrete ideas and facts and what we have now is muddled up with political slants and sexual depravity. Public schools are rife with soft sciences that are obsessed with social engineering. They have you believe a certain way and behave a certain way in order to sell you something for a profit. The next thing you know you're selling your foreskin or cutting off your dick to become a next hit TV reality show. The slippery slope is a very real effect when it targets vulnerable and naive children too stupid to know what is right and wrong.

  • Psychology will benefit everyone no matter what career they choose.

    Psychology is the study of behavioural and mental processing. This course can open doors to so many possibilities. It can teach kids how to act in certain situations and help them understand why they are feeling depressed or why they are feeling anxiety. This, I believe, Can also teach kids about the effects of bulling and what it can do to others long term. Making this class mandatory can better prepare for any of there future jobs. Try and name a job that doesn't involve psychology.

  • Finally someone with sense

    My friend was suffering from hearing voices. Her mother sent her to a mental center to get treatment. They were the best and promised she would get better. She came back with bruises to her chest and returned comatose. Those jackals hurt my friend and I think they abused her.
    Her mother tried to press charges but they charged her 40k in treatment. Her mother started going to church and her condition is improving. The pastor is honest man and not some kiddie toucher like the priests are. Do not end up like friend. Do not trust those jackals.

  • No a waste of time

    I was forced to take psychology for college. Its a load of garbage and it should be considered a pseudoscience.
    The field was created by a cocaine addicted man who created consultations and raped some of his clients. The man was obsessed with sex and people worship him like some elevated one.

    Then the so called "experts" came. They said lets stop being sex obsessed and put other causes. You are this way because you hate your dad and mom. Or you are this way because you are sick. Or that your brain is not normal.

    Its junk science. They might do use math and do studies but nothing it conclusive. Neuroscience is REAL science, Physiology is fake science.

    What is normal. Go to psychiatrist today and I guarantee that you will be labeled as mentally ill and you will be on some drug. And then go to a different psychiatrist and they will slap on a different illness to you with different pills. NEVER go to mental institute because they will never call you sane again. They make money buy prescribing dangerous drugs.

    Those drugs will make you suicidal and will chemically castrate your brain. Those people do not even know what it does to you.

    Every year I see just a bunch of weirdos who want to become psychologist to "help" people. If you ask me I believe all psychologists are mentally ill. They should better themselves first.

    Art appreciation, Music appreciation, Cooking all those classes are 100x better than wasting your time in psychology. Why haven't they healed people? Gayness was called a mental illness but they changed it to be a normal behavior. Going to church improves your life but those wack jobs want to call being religious a mental illness.

    Save your time and money and go anywhere but to charlatan psychologist.

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