• Yes, PTSD Benefits Should Be Given to Veterans

    PTSD is actually more common in veterans then we're made to believe. Not everyone can say that they fought in war. If they show signs of PTSD, they should be given benefits because no one should have to go through it without support, veteran or otherwise. They fought for our country and they deserve proper mental and physical care.

  • Yes, PTSD benefits should be given to more veterans.

    I think that more veterans suffer from PTSD than people realize. Experiencing war is something not too many of us can claim. I think that it is the government's duty to make sure that each and every veteran is given the proper care if they show symptoms of anything like PTSD.

  • Yes, it should be that way

    Veterans are very proud, I doubt any other them would want to get help. They served their time and they feel that is enough. If they would seek the help for it, it would make their lives much better. If they don't need the PTSD treatment then so be it. I know alot who still do,but refuse the help.

  • PTSD is a major threat to the well-being of veterans

    With the changing nature of war in our modern era, it is becoming more and more common for veterans to suffer from debilitating post traumatic stress. While some see this as a sign of weakness, it should be viewed as an on-the-job injury caused not by the soldiers but by the army and the war itself. As such, more of them should be given benefits to help them deal with this lifelong problem.

  • If They Qualify

    The VA gives the benefits out to those who have shown signs of PTSD. Of course it is important to provide these services to those who need them, but at the same time they shouldn't be handed out to people who don't suffer from PTSD. I believe we should do all we can to help veterans.

  • They are not all victims.

    No, PTSD benefits should not be given to more veterans, because they will realize that they need only say the right things in order to qualify for the benefits. Benefits for mental issues of this nature must be given carefully, otherwise they will be abused and people who do not need them will get them, at taxpayer expense.

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