Should Public Displays of Affection(PDA) be allowed?

Asked by: Uniter
  • I think pda should be allowed

    Holding hands or even kissing in public is showing love and affection towards your girlfriend/boyfriend and walking with arms around each other is showing comfort love warmness and protection are there people out there that don't like it yes but if or when i see a couple holding hands being in each others arms or kissing when i am going for a walk i am very happy for them simple as those that don't like it tough luck that's your problem not ours so don't bring yoyr problems to couples that kiss and hold hands or being in each others arms it's there right to do so it's a free country.

  • Change the mentality

    There was one point of time, when people in our country used to oppose inter religious and inter caste marriages. Then came the time, when people broke this law all by themselves..
    There was a law where a guy and a girl could not touch each other without getting married, then again we broke the law..
    There was a law where speaking 'qabool' 3 times meant a marriage and 'talak' 3 times meant a divorce.. Then again we broke the law..
    In the developed nations, hugging and kissing publicly is not a big deal, what creates issue is smoking, urinating and littering the roads..
    But in our country its just the opposite, does this prove our nation is still developing and not yet developed? Yes,correct..
    Development doesn't only mean development in resources and infrastructure..
    Rather development means development of habits and mentality..
    Hugging and kissing a bit in the public doesn't make us perverts, it doesn't mean "Oh yeah, we're gonna make some sex in front of you", its simply a way of expressing love, just like fighting is an expression of rage.. Is there any law against expressing love?
    Talking about kids, if we can smoke and fight in front of them, then hugging or kissing doesn't affect them, its a true human nature of showing love to each other, there is a difference between hugging and making out.. Hugging is not a sign of sex, but making out can be..
    Don't you agree?

  • What the hell is the issue?!?!

    Sure pda might make some people uncomfortable but in most middle schools and high schools it is A hand holding, B hugging, or C having an arm around the partners shoulder. Its not like "oh we're hugging we are going to have sex right in front of you now" we are just showing our partner we love and care about them

  • What is wrong with schools

    This pda thing is total bs I got yelled at for sitting too close to someone and patting my boyfriend on the shoulder. Like oh no I’m gonna just have sex with them right here and now, no just because I’m a teenager doesn’t mean that. Schools need to settle down and allow hugging and holding hands is ok and not offensive if people have a problem with it they can just tell you to tone it down a little no treat you like your Satan himself.

  • Love is love

    There are so many rules in public schools about PDA, and why it's not allowed. But really what do they think we will do at school. I'm in 10th grade and I can't even hold hands with out the fear of getting in trouble by a teacher, with that most the time we even have to hide holding hands. I see no issues or problems why PDA in school should be band it's not like we're going to have sex in public, we do have common sense.

  • Love is inevitable

    It's normal in our nature to love and we show it more by our actions. This is human nature, we must be able to express ourselves without having to go away from public. It does not necessarily mean that just because two people shared any type of affection, they are already considered a couple. Especially to us women, we naturally value love, communication and relationship more than males and it is in our very nature to be expressive and show our love through affection.

  • It's just natural..

    I don't see any problems with a kiss on the cheek, hand-holding, cuddling in public. It's come natural to human beings when they have no other place to do these things. Some people's parents will not allow them to go to the others house, or even go and see a movie together. I am experiencing the problem myself. I could see why people think intimate touching, make-out sessions, sexual acts in public are disgusting. Or, offensive might be a better word. But, im pretty sure most of us in this society have enough cells in their brain to tell them NOT to do that. I've already been called up to my 6th grade math teacher and told to be more careful displaying PDA in public, when the both of us where just doing innocent things like hugging/cuddling. I think it's wrong to assume just because someone is innocent, they will just go even further without telling themselves both people of the couple need to stop. I'm not saying the ban should be lifted all together, I'm saying that some aspects of the PDA ban in schools/public places should be taken more lightly, only banning sexual acts, make-out sessions, and intimate touching. That's my take on the PDA ban.

  • This is human natue

    This is human nature, we must be able to express ourselves without having to go away from public. Some argue that they do not want their child seeing others kiss, but we need them to see that it’s an act of love and not some forbidden act! We should all be able to display some sort of PDA, it’s not like porn or anything, just hugging and sometimes kissing. I think this shows children what love looks like.

  • Showing affection should not be demonized

    PDA doesn't necessarily mean 'making out'. Getting yelled at and humiliated for holding hands or hugging someone (which has happened to me a number of times- including in times where my friend was sobbing and needed support) is absolutely ridiculous and intolerable. No human being should be made to feel foolish or unacceptable for showing affection.

  • Its human nature!

    Yes, pda can be offensive to some. And yes, it may be seen as disgusting, but we've done this since our race first began. Nobody wants to see sex or french kissing all the time, but whats the issue with a light kiss? A hug, holding hands, linked arms? Come on, everybody does it. If its banned, children will only rebel. While they should not know about it at a young age, they need to learn eventually. If the parents dont want the kids seeing/ doing this, then keep them away from stuff like porn and pornographic movies.

  • Sex and anything that arouse sexual thoughts blocks development of wisdom and clear-headed thinking.

    For males, They are quick to get aroused. Especially for male adolescents. Once they see something, It gets embedded in their minds and this activates their sexuality. In this information age where kids can easily get their hands on pornography and the media portraying sex almost everywhere, PDA just adds to it. This retards the development of wisdom and clear-headed thinking in kids. They become distracted by sexual thoughts and fantasies. Hence, We are building a generation that is unable to think critically and logically as shown by the arguments made by the proponents.

  • Detrimental to culture.

    PDAs are one of the more visible signs of modern culture going downhill. There are other, less visible pieces of evidence supporting that - increasing acceptance of premarital sex and even open relationships, for example - and it can and must be stopped. I usually prefer education rather than hard bans on things, but I think drastic actions are called for now, especially as most teachers gag themselves about sexual matters, not wanting to be branded conservative by students.

    One way to show the youth of today that sexual openness is not acceptable is to make PDAs illegal. Banning premarital sex and the like are highly unfeasible, so we should focus on what we *can* ban. The effects of a PDA ban are not solely to act as a deterrent (although it can). Kids tend to think that illegal things must be wrong, so if PDAs are introduced to them alongside other crimes like jaywalking and illegal downloading, they will associate PDAs with crime as well, which discourages them to do PDAs and therefore reduce sexual openness in our culture. That will likely lead to a more moral culture, and thus our future generations are more likely to reject premarital sex and other forms of sexual openness.

    As an aside, PDAs are already illegal in my area, but the punishments are light (small fines). The law is hardly ever enforced and little known.

  • I don't think everyone wants to see people making out.

    The way I see it, is that people don't want to see other people kissing, and some people don't even like seeing people holding hands. Some people find it disgusting, it's as simple as that. Plus ever since more homosexuals became indifferent to public opinion, and began showing PDAs, more homophobic protests have began. I think that if people show each other love in private places, it would be better for everyone. Homosexuals can have all the fun they want, without the public protesting. Heterosexuals can also enjoy themselves in private, rather than showing other people, and children in public what it means to display love. I don't think it is a must to show the world that you enjoy making love with your man or woman.

  • Unless you're making a film

    Everyone knows that PDA is impossible in reality and had to be done hidden, in places with enough privacy AFAIK. Love has limits, and so do the PDA, so, only romantic speech is permitted, not gestures. If an acting couple (an actor and an actress) is making live with PDA, do not wonder why they do this because they come with cameramen, a director and a team. To make romantic scenes more alluring and less bland, PDA is required. For instance, an actor hugging an actress observing views on the bulwark by the river or on a pier by the sea, or an actor holding an actress's hand walking along the park's pathway. I conclude that no couple is doing such things unless either a cameraman or a director is present.

  • What about my right to what I see?

    I don't want to see, and definitely don't want my kids to see, extreme PDA. Holding hands is alright, but making out in the middle of the mall?! Many religions teach that such actions are not acceptable in that situation, and those people in those religions have the right not to their religion and values. PDA lowers those values and sets a bad example for our kids. I don't want my teenager doing that, and as his mom, I have the authority to tell him so. But, when he is learning something completely different in public areas, it's difficult.

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