• Yes, probably so.

    If the display of the Ten Commandments is on public property then it is pretty clear that it is putting forth a religious tenet and there are those who are not religious or who are not of the Judeo-Christian mind set who will feel minimized if they are entering that facility.

  • Seperation of church and state should be maintained

    The Ten Commandments is a church created document that has no place in public displays. Americans are guaranteed a separation of church and state and public displays invade that right. The Ten Commandments should only be allowed in private areas that are specifically church related and are in a location where the people viewing it are likely to want to see it.

  • Separate Government from Religion

    The Ten Commandments should not be displayed in public spaces. Private institutions clearly should be able to display and celebrate their own religious symbols, but the government, supposedly a government for all of America's citizens, should not be promoting or seemingly favoring one religion over another on its public property.

  • Put them somewhere else.

    Yes, public displays of the Ten Commandments should be banned because of the establishment clause, because I would not want the tenants of Islam posted on my government building. The government should not be picking winners and losers when it comes to religion, even when the display is only for historical purposes.

  • No, the ten commandments should be allowed in schools.

    If people follow the ten commandments, God will help us. The ten commandments should be allowed because this can help people be more respectful and non- violent. This can also help people get along. ...... .... .... ...... ....... ..... . ...... . ...... .. . . . . .

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