Should public education as it is slowly be replaced with Waldorf Education?

  • We Need Actual Development in our Children

    A Waldorf education is far more pricey, which is why I do not anticipate this change to occur in the next 20 years, but rather, I believe as time goes on and as economics improve, a Waldorf-style education is the best option. I do understand there are some problems with Waldorf being a private education concept, as such, I want it to be understood that I do not mean public schools should hold a stance identical to Waldorf, however, it should attempt to mimic it. The reasoning for why we should start mimicking this education style is that it focuses less on memorization and more on personal students being better equipped for life, instead of learning facts that do not help in life, children need to learn how to treat one another and how to think. Our current education system is not up for the job, and we already have an education plan that is, so why not try to follow suit?

  • Adding on to above

    Without electricity they lose a lot of advantages they have today,for example if they have to do work it is easier to have a computer to check rather than in your own words also waldorf schools have a lot of other problems like for example not every one can use it

  • No we need public education.

    Public education has its faults, of course, but we need to have the public education system continue to run and to provide a basic education for all students. Waldorf education is great but it is not for everyone and really helps a certain type of young person to learn and grow.

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