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  • It boosts the economy.

    Firstly, People who go to games or work with the team create new spending in the community, Expanding local employment. Secondly, Building the facility creates construction jobs, Helping the community even if taxes do rise. Third, A team attracts tourists and companies to the host city, Further increasing local spending and jobs. I'll use an example from the Sacramento kings stadium. Its first year, It earned $71 million and has had employment go up 38%.

  • The this is better to do that

    Its better cuz conomic benefit through creation of jobs and tourism | By publicly funding sports through the development of sports stadiums, The government is creating the opportunity for more jobs for the locals. Additionally, Revenue from tourists who decide to visit the city for a sports game will be of overall benefit to the government. This revenue can be invested into education, Healthcare and other necessities.
    Quality of life | Publicly funding well known sports with mass fan followings are important to the quality of life of the citizens of a city. Let’s take the Oilers, For example. A new arena was built due to the high demand by fans. The government must prioritize its citizens wants and needs. Therefore, Public funding for sports is justified as it is what the people want.
    Sports are used as a political tool | It is important to publicly fund sports as these sports are already bonded to politics. It is the responsibility of the government to fund them due to their inherent political nature. Sports allow a common ground for people to unite and people all over the world use sports to reflect their views as a political body.

  • Outcome not overcome

    We are just thinking about the local problems. A stadium will bring more jobs and revenue towards things are important. Think about if a building is torn down. It will leave people homeless but it will help the community as a whole. We think about the negative of having to invest, but the outcome will be better than the initial investment

  • Quality of life is the priority.

    The moment we complain about funding stadiums occurs at the point in which we stop understanding the impact of a stadium. Once we cut subsidies, programs like NBA Cares, NFL Play 60, and others go away. People enjoy stadiums, they want them there, and the evidence proves it. The long-term involves better property values, more programs, and a better community overall. Cutting subsidies is an injustice to any community with a stadium.

  • Wasting our own money

    Why should we be wasting our hard earned money on stadiums that most of us can't even go to. Not only that but stadiums have to jack up their prices to pay their tiny portion so it's overall idiotic that our money has to go to this cause that some of us don't even want.

  • Not worth it

    According to the European Tour Operators' Association (ETOA), Tourism doesn't even increase because of sports so the government would be losing money for no reason. Sports teams have a higher income than the average Canadian and yet, The public are the ones who are supposed to be paying for their new sports stadiums.

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  • Public funds should not fund private investments.

    This is just welfare for rich people, And not in the common interest of the people, And also does not just apply to sports stadiums. It also applies to other areas, Such as industries, Manufacturers, Etc. The notion that it "creates jobs" or "boosts the economy" is just an excuse. In reality, It is just a giveaway to rich people who can afford to construct a new stadium themselves. But if they can't, That's not the government's fault, That's their own responsibility. There has never been any proof that these stadiums are necessary, And, As a result, This process has proven extremely wasteful, With many relatively young stadiums in perfectly good condition being replaced and demolished. Also, Public funds should not be used to construct facilities in an effort to attract teams.

  • Sport Teams have enough Money

    Players don't need this much money. Sport players earn billions of dollars per year, Much of it from the government, Whereas they only need a few million dollars to live in comfort. Meanwhile, There are homeless people living on the streets, Begging for spare change. The government need to give this money to them.

  • Sports teams are privately owned

    Sports teams are privately owned which means that they should fund themselves based on the principal that if you are going to buy a car you shouldn't ask for someone else to help you buy it because you are paying taxes to be able to drive your vehicle on the road.

  • Teams have enough money

    The fact that we subsidize BILLIONAIRES for buildings they will milk to the fullest is ludicrous. When in fact they can build them on their own. It will take time, but eventually people will wake up. And I believe it's slowly happening. Or, I'll help with the financing, but give me a piece of the team/building. We all know owners would rather die than share a piece of their huge pie.

  • Not worth it

    The cost benefit ratio for tax revenue to sports stadium subsidies does not support the concept. It is a waste of Government funds on an industry that is already mostly tax exempt. Money that could be better spent elsewhere like letting states pay down their deficits and obligations or reallocating the spending on needed public works, education, or state services.

  • Teams Should Fund Stadiums

    Teams should pay for their own facilities. Owners are more likely to get loans from bans for financing rather than bonds and taxes from taxpayers. Governments should be helping citizens and not sports teams. Sports leagues bring in billions of dollars of revenue annually and there should be some funds set aside for new facilities.

  • No, that is not a government function.

    No, public funds should not be used towards professional sports stadiums, because building sports stadiums is not something that the government needs to be doing. Private tourism and entertainment associations are plenty capable of promoting tourism in the area. There is no need for the government to do what amounts to an intrusion in people's lives by engaging in private business, like building a professional sports stadium. Businesses can sponsor it instead.

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