• Yes, I believe that is fair.

    Yes, I believe that it would be fair to not allow public opinion polling companies to call after 6 PM. Not very many people actually want to talk to them anyway. It is annoying when they interrupt a dinner or even worse, when they call when someone is getting ready for or in bed.

  • Yes, telemarketers should have rules.

    Yes, public opinion polling companies should have regulations for when they should be able to call homes. Calling after certain hours at night can be disruptive to families. This is especially true of families with young children with early bedtimes. Homeowners should be able to relax without dealing with telemarketers at the end of their day.

  • Public Opinion Polling companies should not call after 6pm

    It is my opinion that in order for public opinion polling companies to get accurate polls they should not call homes after 6pm. Calling after this time makes it more likely that the home owners will be irritated about the phone call, and will say whatever they can to make the call as short as possible.

  • No, polling companies should be able to call after 6.

    I think that moving the time up to six would be unreasonable as many people don't even get home from work until then. I believe there should be easy ways to opt-out of receiving the calls and the companies should be punished for breaking these rules. However, imposing an earlier time limit is not the right thing to do for people who genuinely want to receive the calls and wouldn't be home.

  • Public opinion polling companies should be able to call people's homes.

    Many people do not get home from work until after 6:00, so if a public opinion polling company wants to reach those people, it has to be allowed to call after 6:00 or to call people on their cell phones. A mandatory cutoff time of 8:00 p.m. would be more reasonable, as it's still before children's bedtimes.

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