Should Public Schools Allow Gay-Straight Alliances?

  • It's Just Right!

    I mean there are so many people who are open about their sexuality and GSA's would help make them fell better about themselves if people are bullying them. Also it will widen our knowledge of the ways they act and most of those kind of people are really sweet and fun so straight people could learn a lot from them!

  • Its a necessary support

    Living in the south, I was surprised to find out my school had a GSA club. I didn't think I would like it, because I was still not out to anyone, and was afraid of what others would think, I was afraid I was alone in my school. Finding out there were others in my school, in my classes who also had non-hetero sexual identities made me feel like less of a freak. GSA's are necessary in public schools--especially in relatively conservative areas--so others can reach out and connect with others like them, and those who support them.

  • Stick with your own

    Definitely. All kids do anymore is complain about who this person is and what that person does. If you hangout with people who have the same opinion as you. Such as gays with gays and straights with straights. If you were gay why would you want to be around someone who is totally against your beliefs.

  • Gay-Straight Alliances Save Lives

    Gay-Straight Alliances are supportive school clubs that help
    young people deal with the social difficulties of being gay, lesbian, bisexual
    or transgender. Such young people exist
    in every society, and always have, but some societies have been more accepting
    than others. Statistically, young people who discover their sexuality is
    socially disparaged are more likely to commit suicide. Gay-Straight Alliances let teens of every orientation
    feel accepted. The clubs make for a happier student body, and for self-accepting
    kids who grow up to contribute to society.

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