Should public schools be allowed to ban gay-straight alliances?

  • Ban it now

    Public schools are funded by everyone but the school is also meant to keep children safe. If they are exposed to sinful ideas while young they will believe it is acceptable. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all say it is sinful and you will go to hell. School should be teaching normal safe behaviour.

  • Ban it now

    This should be banned as the innocent minds of straight children should not be corrupted by coming into contact with gay ideas and influences. This would also make children view this sin as right when it is not. This should not be something we have to argue about this, why does the child have to even know about these sorts of taboos

  • Homosexuality is a sin

    The Bible states that a man must not have sexual relations with another man. So, to protect the best interests of the people, gay straight alliances and homosexuality in general must be banned. The more we accept homosexuality, the more we will grow to accept other immoral issues over time. This must be stopped now before it gets any worse.

  • Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional and Immoral

    GSA supports gay marriage, which breaks an amendment in the US Constitution. The US Constitution defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and that is the binding and supreme law of the land. Not only that, but the Holy Bible calls it immoral and a deadly sin. The founding fathers founded the USA on strong Christian values, not gay marriage values. The GSA should be blocked on this basis from all public schools.

  • YES!!!!!! People need a safe place

    Gay, Bisexual and lesbians have enough trouble as it is trying to "fit in" and not have everyone staring at then, and for them to have a safe space where they can bond with other teens like them it is a great feeling!! That's just like saying no their can't be any cheerleaders, because they wear mini skirts.

  • Schools shouldn't ban any student organized group.

    If students want to organize a group that is in support of something positive, and isn't harmful, then where does the school feel they have the right to control that group of students? A gay straight alliance group is all about forming bonds and connections. So how is that harmful?

  • Public schools are for the public.

    No matter what our personal religious beliefs are, we cannot suppress the public from expressing themselves however they see fit. In school, young ones are finding themselves and learning new things about themselves and they need places to go to develop those findings. We cannot block them from learning about themselves and getting the support they need. Whether we agree with their choices or not, we have to allow them the support we would expect for any other group.

  • No, Public Schools Should Not Discriminate

    I believe public schools should not be allowed to ban gay-straight alliances because to do so would be discrimination. If a gay-straight alliance provides a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for students - especially non-heterosexual students, who already face a lot of hate and discrimination - then I would go as far as saying that if the students organize one then it might be a necessity. In addition to that, public schools are publicly funded through our taxes. Everyone pays taxes and therefore everyone has a right to equality and safe spaces.

  • Public schools are funded by everybody.

    Public schools are funded by everybody, whether gay or straight, black or white, short or tall, fat or thin. They do not have the right to ban such organizations when their funding comes from the very people effected by such issues.

    Legally, ethically, and logically, they cannot discriminate against people just because they feel like it.

  • It lets a student choose

    If a student feels like they want to join a group for support, they should be allowed to do so. Many complaints above involve religion and going to hell, but if a student is religious and is homophobic they simply ignore the group, and let it exist for people from LGBT+ or anyone to join as they please.

  • It helps teens.

    GSA can help teens figure out how they feel and meet others like them. It can welcome students into a scary environment feel welcomed. Schools with GSA programs can help kids with depression feel better and safer. All schools need GSA. Even kids not involved in GSA can be relieved of stress and depression.

  • No! Schools Should not be Allowed to Discriminate

    The purpose of schools are to educate students and to create a safe place for the students to express themselves in positive ways. A GSA creates a place for LGBTQ+ students (and students who want to support those students) to express themselves and helps them not feel alone which can help prevent suicide. No GSA forces students to join or attend so if a parent does not want their student to attend or if the student doesn't want to attend they don't have to. It is not right to take away someone's safe place just because you don't agree with them.

  • No schools have no right to ban gay-straight alliances.

    On the contrary they should be doing everything they can to support them equally. This can be a huge step forward to understanding, educating and accepting our differences. It is so much easier to do so if we start off with that attitude. Understanding and acceptance have always helped us as a society move forward. After all the progress with reducing racism and sexism why give up when it comes to gay people? They are people just like you and I. They should have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone.

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