Should public schools be allowed to teach religion to students?

  • Religious classes should be offered

    Allowing religious classes in public schools would decrease the amount of ignorance people have to certain religions. They would become more educated in religion. They dont have to practice it whatsoever but it would be beneficial. Just for general knowledge. Sudents would have the option of taking the course or not. Its free will

  • Religion classes should be offered in public schools.

    Religious classes should be offered as an elective in public schools providing that all religions are included in the classes. The course material should concentrate on the history and practices of the religion, and not support any particular belief. The classes should be prohibited from declaring any belief right or wrong, and only teach the facts pertaining to the religion. Students who have interests in other cultures and religions would benefit from these classes. In addition, learning about other religions rather than having religion be a taboo subject in the school environment may lead to greater harmony among students of different religions.

  • You can't force that onto kids

    A) The school would have to teach ALL religions because not everyone follows one religion. B) You can't teach it unless you can prove it is true
    C) Not everyone even believes in any religion D) It is against the law/ is unconstitutional E) As my headline says, you can't force religion onto kids.

  • No Religion In Public Schools

    Public school should not teach religion. Religious teachings are up to the parents. It is okay to instruct and inform about the different religions of the world, but not to force God or Jesus or Buddha or Allah into any young brain. It is wiser to give students the facts and allow them to make up their own minds about what or how, if at all, they believe.

  • No, that is the job of the parents

    Public schools may teach children about religion in a historical context as part of a history lesson. However, any other religious teaching has no place in schools. It is up to parents and guardians to teach their children the ways of religion. Religious teaching at a public school will only confuse children.

  • It is unconstitutional for public schools to teach religion to students.

    The United States Constitution is very clear that church and state should not be intertwined. It is also very specific that government institutions cannot show a preference for one religion over others. It is, therefore, a violation of more than one Constitutional amendment to for public schools to be allowed to teach religion to students.

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