Should public schools be allowed to use government funding to distribute condoms to students?

Asked by: winnie_ille_pu
  • Yes because there going to do it anyway

    Students are going to have fun in high school anyways they may as well be safe while doing it. Well the government has the funding and if they do this teen pregnancy will go down. But there should be a place were students can go to get some condoms like in the main office or go to your avid teacher

  • No, because they can use it for something better.

    Now in order for me to answer this question correctly, I will assume government funding means tax dollars. With that said, I do not want my tax dollars to go pay for somebody else's condoms. If students do not have the money to purchase condoms, then maybe they should not be having sexual intercourse in the first place. As a saw another commenter mention on a similar question "If [students] want to make adult decisions, they should act like adults and buy the protection necessary just like an adult."
    Also, the school could use government funding for a much greater purpose, like improving the school environment and campus, as well as purchasing textbooks that aren't out-of-date. The funding could also cover expenses to provide necessary school supplies, to those students who can't afford it.

  • Schools are not the proper forum.

    F the most part, as soon as a program is operated in public schools, it's funding comes from the department of education. When analyzing education funding, the primary question on policymakers' minds should be "does this policy facilitate learning in schools?" For this policy, the answer is no. Having free condoms at schools doesn't make teachers do a better job or get students excited about learning or do anything to improve education. Birth control circulation should be done by the department of health and human services in actual clinics. This question is basically asking if students should go to their school gym to get a driver's license instead of the DMV. It simply doesn't make Sense.

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