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  • Yes schools should have sports teams

    Schools should have sports teams because it helps their students with life skills that they will need as an adult. These are things such as teamwork, trust, and many other things. Schools having sports team scan also help kids to make new friends, lets say they are lonely and need someone to socialize with, being on a sports team can help them make some new friends and help them meet new people.

  • Team sports let kids meet new people

    Team sports allow kids to meet new people in team sports. Some kids have no friends and need to meet some. Team sports allow kids to meet them. It also makes kids build teamwork skills and trust. That's why kids should play team sports. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Makes money, among other things

    Sports and sports events are money makers for the school and not only for the athletic program such as concessions money can go to other areas. Next band plays at games so they get to do that. Moving on in this day and age of child hood obesity. Schools need to be promoting physical activity in all forms including sports. Also sports are a way to get to college with scholarships You have a higher percentage of getting an athletic scholarship than you do of winning a lottery for the same amount. ( About 10% of High school athletes go on to college) So overall it is ridiculous to not have sports in school.

  • Yes schools should have team sports.

    They should have team sports because it builds up your strength and you can make more friends. Another reason why schools should have team sports is that it keeps you having good grades and staying on top of your school work and homework and not really getting in trouble and doing bad stuff.

  • Schools should have sports teams.

    Schools should have sports team. One reason Is that it build strong friendships & friends is a thing that every person needs no matter the age. If they don't have a friend they might start to be depressed. Stress can be a very un safe situation to deal with. This is why schools should have sports teams

  • Yes of course

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  • Yew we need teams (class room 52 at dms (ditactor middle school))

    We need peeps! School sport teams aren't expensive, Mostly there free, You just need gear, Some open area and BOOM! Y E S! Yew we ned teems so my kidz can bee hellthy. Dude, Yes yes YES! Okay, Why don't we keep things simple, Y E S yes. Yep, I want football

  • Yew we need teams.

    We need sport teams so kids if they want to play sports, They can for fun and free. Hopefully, You're kids won't be upset but that is fine, Sadness leads to happiness. Hopefully, You read this and agree with me, If you disagree, It's fine, Just click that YES button underneath. Hopefully, You'll read this and help me fufill my dream. . .

  • Yes yes y

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  • School sports are important for kids' futures.

    Schools should have sports because they are good for team work, individual work ethic, and confidence. Those are key things that are needed for a successful life. If someone doesn’t have one of those, or maybe lacks in one, they might be stronger in the other. Sports build them up and make them even out more than anything else.

    Of course money plays a big role in if schools should have sports or not. But are people really willing to sacrifice kids’ team work or work ethic for a couple thousand dollars? In their future kids could be hired for better jobs or accepted to a better college or maybe even the college of their choice. Sometimes parents don’t have the money for a travel team and that is why they have their children play through the school.

    Individual work ethic for students who play sports is a lot higher. They tend to work more and keep up with grades better and get homework in on time. They will push themselves harder in anything and everything that they do. According to Tom Lynde from the organization Ethics In Sports, “We need to start training athletes, parents, officials, coaches and fans at an early stage of their sports careers. By the time athletes are in college, it's almost too late to initiate an ethics program and much more difficult to set boundaries”. Tom makes a good point. Kids need to be taught ethics before they get to college otherwise life will be tougher for them.

    Confidence build up is very important to students. Bullies now a days do have an effect on kids’ confidence. Sure you could have a bully on the team, but the coach should take care of that and if they don’t then it should be taken higher up. “Clearly, athletes-like everyone else-gain the greatest confidence in their ability to perform through successful experiences in that sport”, says John Giannini from the website

    All in all students do have a better life after college if they have these skills. The way to build these skills is through sports. Parents will be doing a bigger favor for their kids if they let them play school sports. But the only way they can play school sports is if the school actually does have sports. This is why schools should have sports.

  • No no no no

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  • Costs too much, among other things.

    Sports should have no place in our public schools. In this time when schools are having to cut music and art, they need to realize that sports teams are sucking money out from them. Sports interfere with time for students to study and do homework, during football season, attention is directed away from academics and to athletics. Sports are a menace to public schools and should not be in them

  • Stop. Sports. At. Once

    What. If. The. Player. Got. Hurt. And. Couid. Not. Walk. Again. And. Then. How. Is. He. Going. To. MKe. A. Good. Living. In. A. Wheelchair. Or. Even. Worse. Has. A. Life. Long. Injury. That. Will. Cause. Headaches from. Concussions. And. With. Life. Long. Headaches. That. Was. Cause. By. The. Concussions. And. Then. What.

  • Only helps a handful of kids

    There are the favorites and the other sit on the bench hoping to play.
    All the focus is on the talent not bulding up everyone. Having clubs or city recreation clubs. All kids play. If the is super talent someone eill snatch them up and move them out. Otherwise all kids play and have fun.

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  • Sports Cause Injuries

    Sports take away from kids lives often by giving them injuries that can interfere with their education. These sports can also make people an easy target for bully’s who can do find everything that they can exaggerate and make them feel small. Most sports also costs money that some might not have. This can make others feel left out and useless. All and all, Sports can be great, But I fell as if they would be better played in places other than school.

  • Not job of the schools

    Schools are intended to teach knowledge. There is a reason Europe is much farther ahead in education and that is the budget of the school is entirely focused on education. They leave sports to private teams that if they wish to play the kids may but not at the expense of the taxpayer as a whole.

  • I hate it

    I’m to lazy to do it so I do not want to do sports because it will not be needed to be lasso and to be in a higher achiever or steal gold and Chang said he will die because of the end ear chicken on the dead road which makes a lot of sense because of the publication of the Ching Chong ineat dog because I can you chinsese opressers

  • Sports are not Education

    I am for sports at the parents expense and time....Not the public school system. I also do not support sports in Public Universities. A big distraction and misspent funding from schools primary purpose - education. It seems to be more about entertainment for parents of little Johnny and Janie and a school activity for adults who don't want to spend time with their children exercising the child brain - that plus the cheer leading and drill team and marching band seem a bit pathetic - its not done in European schools, which may explain why we are ranked at less then the top 30 in all areas of academics

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